We NEED More Unique Brushables


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Apr 15, 2013
Something that’s always really bothered me, particularly with the later years of G3 and much of G4, is the lack of variety in characters released as brushables. I kind of resent the fact that G4 had so many cute designs introduced as Blind Bags that never got a released as actual brushables, especially when every generation prior had such a great variety of characters. Blind Bags are nice, but they don’t have the same tangibility as brushables because everything’s molded and they’re just so small!

I think G4 had a good run with unique brushables early on in the toyline, but this definitely came super sporadic over time and I wish they kept this momentum going. It’s also tough because now all these unique characters are so much harder to find compared to the 800 Twilights and Pinkie Pies on every online listing. Honestly, this is a huge reason of why the reuse of the Mane Six in G5 was disappointing to me because you just know they’re going to keep rereleasing the same characters 20 times a year. I really miss the variety of themes and color palettes that we used to get from MLP!

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Jun 25, 2014
Your not wrong. The latest new character that we've got that's not a pack in is Potion Nova. Pretty colors and great theme, but unfortunately she's on the Pony Life mould. I wanna get her and see if she can be head swapped with another pony, or a fakie even. I can deal with the body...but not that horrid head. Looks like she's had her jaw surgically removed.
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