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Sep 2, 2013
I finally got my mom out of the hospital, so I went there myself. Early Saturday I woke and realised I had terrible vertigo, and literally could not walk without falling or staggering sideways. It was probably amusing to watch, but it was quite scary. I knew I had been feeling weird but wow.

So I got to go to the hospital and have lots of fun in the ER. They discovered out of a scale of 0-30 I was at a 25 on a dehydration scale. I suppose the Texas heat and all the stress finally got me. I got 2 litres of electrolytes, niacin and vitamins pumped into me. Normally I wouldn't even bring it up, because y'know. It's just a bump in the road. I don't worry about my health much. But while I was there there were afraid perhaps I had had a stroke so they performed a CAT scan. It was discussed at great length among the staff then they sent me for another, with contrasting dyes this time (by the way, the dye BURNS. They put it in your IV and YA! HOT!) Anyhoo. It did not get better.

I got to home home after half a day, but they told me I must go get an MRI. There is a dark mass (their words, 'mass'. It sounds ominous) on my brain (although I do now have actual proof I own a brain, something many would have argued... so Huzzah for that I suppose). It could be scar tissue, a tumour, an ingrown conjoined twin is my hope, but luck probably isn't with me there. So I had to go get an MRI today. I won't know what it says until Thursday. It's literally got me in a panic, although a quiet one. I don't want to scare my son or partner. But i have to say this somewhere. I am scared. I need that brain. I use it sometimes.

I just have to keep laughing until I know, but it is very hard because I suppose at heart I must be a coward.

Has anyone else ever had something like this come up? What was your outcome? Am I just being paranoid?

Make fun of me to make me laugh and forget my troubles!
:cry: Nooo! I just made friends with you! I don't have many friends, I can't afford to lose one! I've already lost enough this year!
:blink: You're not allowed to be sick, you understand? This is not the type of "sick in the head" that's in your job description.
:unsure: I hope it's nothing terribly serious... Perhaps you should start wearing a tinfoil hat just in case...

Please be okay, and feel better soon! Hold on tight, be strong, and keep it together! Thinking of you! ;)
Don't worry, I'm too mean to die. I'm gonna stick around like an unwanted house fly.

Oh how I wish you were closer. We'd have so much fun. I'd take you horseback riding and your sweetiekins could kill zombies with my son. The we could beat them up and play all the video games ourselves!

As soon as I know something, I'll tell you. I shouldn't be such a downer. I guess I'm just feeling frightened.
It is completely understandable to feel scared. That is a frightening situation to be in and you aren't a coward for having an emotional reaction. I hope you will have some peace as you wait for the results. And I hope it turns out to be nothing. <3
Evilbunnyfoofoo, I'm so sorry! I would be terrified too if I was in your place. And what do you mean when you say you are mean. From what I know of you, you are the nicest internet friend ever!

My sister has a "mass" near her spleen. They didn't want to take a biopsy so we still don't know what it is, but it's shrinking so they are guessing it's a cyst or a blood mass. We were terrified for awhile that it might be something worse, but she seems to be doing better now (less pain) so we are hopeful.

I am hopeful for you too! Keep your spirits up and you can talk all you need to on here to get your stress out.
Crossing hooves in hopes it's not as bad as it seems~

I'd say to keep at ease, is to subscribe to the mentality of "don't borrow trouble". If you don't know what's going on, and no one has said any suspicions of what it could be, it could be that the doctors don't want to get you hyped up over something that could not be there~

Also to keep your stress level down, and to prevent stress from pushing something potentially small into something more serious~

If I were in your position right now, I'd try and keep my stress down... focus on ponies~ watch pony cartoons, focus on the things that make you happiest and keep your mind off of reality and fears.

It could be scar tissue, a tumour, an ingrown conjoined twin is my hope, but luck probably isn't with me there. I am scared. I need that brain. I use it sometimes.

lmao! That made ME laugh~

Perhaps if it is a tumor, they could perform a C-section, then you could name it George afterwards and pet it and wrap it up in a blanket~

And see if it sprouts some hair~
Thanks guys! I'm feeling better today. I guess I just stink on ice when it comes to waiting. Whatever happens, I'll kick it in the face. I got stuff to do.

Heh, I actually have had a (gladly beign) tumour before, LightningSilver-Light. And I noticed in the scans it looked like a muppet head. I named it Elmo, and would relay messages from him to my friends and family. No one really found this amusing but me, but I personally like creeping them out. Wasn't sorry when he was finally evicted though. 3.5 pounds of trespassing muppet-tumour. I hope they bunged him right into the incinerator. He never even offered to pay rent.
You've certainly got spirit! I think that's the best medicine in a lot of cases. Glad to hear you're doing better!
I should just be grateful I finally have proof I have a brain! Up till now it's been in question. :lolpony:

Thanks, dragonkiss! I have just a few days and I'll know something. I can keep grinning that long, surely!
Maybe the dark spot they're seeing is where part of your brain is missing and that well, maybe that explains some stuff *sly, evil grin* You got dark matter in your head!!
But forgive me a moment of seriousness, I hope whatever it is, is easily taken care of. I won't say I hope you get better, cause no matter what it is we all know you will get better but I hope it won't be too much trouble for you to do so :winkpony: Just set your mind to it and you can overcome anything! Just don't use that dark part of your mind they've found to do it, then who knows what might happen, you might join the Dark side!!!
Ah, thank you, Gingerbread! You made me laugh and that is JUST the medicine I need!

Hugs all 'round!
I have been in and out of the hospital for over a year. I am broken and have had everything you could take out and live with out. Waiting for test and MRI and other stuff is very hard. I hope you feel better soon give Minty a hug she would want you to feel better too.
Also I am currently waiting to see a doctor and have some test done next month so I really feel you on so many levels.
I wish I could make you better, Ology. You're such a sweet person, you deserve nothing but the best of everything. Definitely let me (and everyone else) know how your tests go!

It's not fair. All the diseases should go to murderers.
Thanks your nice too I hope everything goes well for you as well.
We need to get healthy together then we can become superheroes or something delightful. Or supervillians. I'm down with beating up some sidekicks and causing mayhem.
Sounds good. I lost my job because of my problem's. I would like to be a super hero and bring those that treat the teacher I used to work with to justice or something to show them that Yes kids matter a lot. But your teachers are the ones who teach and love. Over work them treat them badly and make life like heck and well its not a good place to be.
All the very best to you evilbunnyfoofoo. Its so easy to worry. When I worry ( and I do that alot) My husband always says.... "Whats the use of worrying until you know for sure". It's probably nothing and you would have worried for nothing"
Keep busy as others have suggested, I hope the results are favourable. :)
that's frightening foofoo *big hugs* i'll keep my fingers crossed for the very best
Bwhahahaha! Oh, those are so funny, lady. We made tonnes of Elmo jokes for months. way better to laugh about it than cry.

I'm finding that my mind is certainly a jumble though. I've had several incidents now where I had to read instructions and they just didn't make sense to me. My brain has been blurry for a while, but it may well be the dehydration, the doctor said I've probably been suffering with it for months. I've also been struggling to say specific words. It's as if they're stolen from my tongue as I try to speak them. Might need to check the house for gremlins.

It makes me sad though, this weekend is the sweat lodge (where we got speak to our passed loved ones and meditate). My friend Sonny (he owns the lodge and runs the ceremony) has already called and told me no. I knew I couldn't go, but he wanted to make sure. LOL. I still feel sad though. I look forward to the sense of clarity I have when the sweat is over. Maybe next month.