What are you Listening to II?

I've been listening to Ding Dong! by Katya
My new theme song!
Luckily I have my good old ocd to clean up after my adhd!
Ocd is like the nagging boss who keeps adhd in line!
And the mixing board analogy is perfect!
On or off pick one lol!
Haha I love Kim and Penn. I was so happy when they won the amazing race
The Sick, The Dying...and the Dead! By Megadeth-Solid album.
Now it's an Against Me! day....
Maybe some Frank Turner
My neighbour's dance music through the wall at half past midnight -_-
I do occasionally enjoy an 80s and 90s electronic Dance party mix in the AM's lol
Though I use my Bluetooth headphones so I don't bother anyone :rofl:
We don’t talk about Bruno. As played on cello by E.
Obsessing over choco mint everything!!!
This is the theme song for my current obsession lol
Boys Night Out - Trainwreck
Empire of Light original score.