What do you look like?


Princess Rinse 'N Spit
May 20, 2015
Everyone is looking good!
Here are some pics of me from our trip to Hawaii last year, hubs and I went for our 10 year anniversary. I don't like taking pictures so these are the most recent, I know I need to lose some weight but actually seeing it in photos is always eye opening.
and my secret to looking thinner on the beach...find someone bigger than you and stand right next to them LOL
Hawaii was AWESOME, I totally want to live on Maui!
Beautiful pictures! I wouldn't mind going to Hawaii if you didn't have to fly. o_O It would be very hard for me to fly with my wheelchair and ventilator. I flew once to FL on a Make A Wish trip, but back then I could sit in their seat and wasn't on a ventilator during the day. I didn't mind flying but the high altitude affected my breathing.
I like the pic of you two on horseback best. What beautiful scenery! :D
Like this currently....I hate selfies...so much -___- took me more than 10 tries just to get a decent one, 10!! While most girls are just 1 and done >_>
Maybe because I'm bad at taking pics or I just need an actual digital camera :L
You took a nice pic there! :)
The last pic is the girlish I have ever dressed. It was the night of the Ball at the Con same as above and it was Japanese formal or at least well dressed. My mom made my kimono by hand over about a 2 month time. I love it.
I am skinner in these pictures the girl next to me is a friend who sadly I cant remember her name but she was super nice.
You look nice all dressed up. :)


So Soft Pony, So hard to clean
Apr 25, 2012
I'm afraid I lied too- I'm really a pot of boiling turkey basted in suntan lotion

Omg Ology, that Kadaj cosplay is so cool. It's even complete with "Mother".

I'm crafting a Cloud & Sephiroth commission with a severed pony head for Jenova, I should tag you in it when I post, so you can see ^-^


That's Quacktastic!
Nov 18, 2007
Ok. You all got me. Here I am for real.



So Soft Pony, So hard to clean
Sep 7, 2008
thanks twilight my mother in law bullied me into taking the pictures for Christmas lol for my husbands present. He says next time we will take a family picture together.