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Whats your pony count as of today?

Ooh! An excuse to count my ponies!!
I'm like you, I was like, "ooo, oh boy!" :rofl:
But a bunch of my ponies are separated off in bags in the "spa queue" box, so I consulted MyLittleWiki and ToySisters to count my G1s. My counts might be a bit off because there are a lot of ponies I used to have and a few I can't remember if I sold or not. I haven't tried to count my G3's either. I had probably 30 of them at least in 2008 or 9, but I sold most of them and kept only my favorites, so my memory gets really muddy there. Fewer than 12 of those left I'm sure.

G1's only, including animal & bushwoolie friends, 2 Megans, and a My Little Puppy family from my childhood, number at 308. Then I have 4 MOC sparkle baby ponies, 10 G1 softies, and 2 basic fun repros.
oh man i was just about to make a thread like this!! compared to most collectors i have a pretty small collection so far, but i dont mind at all, im proud of mine regardless!! i dont know how many fakies or g4 ponies i have, id have to look, but i have 27 g1 ponies, 6 retro g1 ponies, and 10 g3 ponies, according to my pony checklist!! ^__^
Too many to count and that’s slightly embarrassing. I’ve also got a LOT in storage, again slightly embarrassing at how much I actually have.

Currently out on just my shelves in my room.
(It’s maybe about 1/3rd of my collection, the rest is in storage in the basement and at 21 totes.):
G1: 348
G1 Plush: 9
G1 Repro: 22
G2: 4
G4 (including reboot & G4.5): 405
G4 Plush: 36
EQG (including EQG Minis): 30
G5: 79

I am slightly ashamed of these numbers. :unsure: :oops:
oh my!! if you ever get all of your ponies on display, please show us! i dont think thats shameful at all, i think thats super cool!! :lolpony:
I really don't know for sure. Had to consult my MLP Merch checklist for an estimate.

G1 (Pony, Dream Beauties, & Petites) - 331
G2 - 12
G3 & 3.5 (Pony, Ponyville) - 583
G4 & 4.5 (Pony, Blind Bags, CMC, GOH, EG, Playskool) - 628
G5 - 11
Retro Releases (25th Ann., Basic Fun!) - 58
G1 Plush - 10
G3 Plush - Not sure, here. Around 30, maybe.
Retro Plush - 4
Ornaments - A lot. 50 or more.

So... 1,700+. All I know is that my basement is filled to the brim with boxes waiting to be unpacked. Maybe this summer.

ETA: Not counting customs or HQG1C because I really have no clue there.
I honestly have no clue... Its over 100 and thats all I know. I remember in highschool i counted around 80 maybe? And i have a lot more now at 30 years old. I just dont even know they arent all in the same place to count. I dont think it would be over 200. I could be wrong but idk :eek:
I did a count a few months ago and it was at least… maybe in the 90’s - 200’s? But I’m going to have to check with the pony zines for a quick count… :unsure:
I would like to see how many I have as of the new year

Are we counting lost/sold/gifted ponies?