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Where are doll collecting communities?

I think if it’s mint it show just come live with you lol.
Tehe! I completely agree! .u~u. :greenheart: :minty::blink:
I also want this mint chocolate chip bab!

I think I'll just start a mint chocolate lovers thread at this point!
Edit: Done!
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Am I the only one here with barbies and loves to do their hair- lol
I broke down and got Karla Choupette from shadow high. She was the last one I needed. As my name said I collect only Cleo de Nile dolls but I got a Frankie to go with her as I ship them.
WOAH!!! I have never seen a closet locker before :shock:
Omg, lagoona blue has transparent legs now! So cool! I want one now! :rofl:
too bad they don't have this closet for Abbey! But this new lagoona is soooo cute! <3 just look at that hair! So pastel!
I kinda like clawdeen in that line too.
Where do doll collectors hang out to meet other collectors?
My favorite and most active doll communities, anymore, are Discord based.

For RH and am a member to a Discord server called “Rainbow High and Other Dolls!”

It does seem to skew a little young and get ot chatter but still a good resource and good for talking to other collectors (my username is AntiSparkleSparkle there)
There’s another slightly larger RH discord too but it’s even less moderated.

I also collect Super Dollfie and am in a few Super Dollfie specific Discords, as well as a local BJD focused doll collecting group that plans meetups. Those are fun to attend.
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I’m a huge doll collector!

Mostly: Monster High (all gens), Ever After High, Disney (Limited edition and playline)
As mentioned earlier in the thread, r/Dolls is super active for any sort of doll-related things (including MLP) but it’s active to a fault to me - you can’t really make any connections there imo unlike here and it’s difficult to recognize “regulars” in the same way that a forum allows. I just wish we had more doll forums generally!
Hi! I know I'm late to this thread but xCanadensis just recently put out a doll specific website with forums and a huuuuge database of dolls, it's called dollect.net!
I saw that I been meaning to check it out