G1 G1 price changes


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I was browsing Ebay today when I found this:
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What the actual heck!?!?!? Yes, the one the the bottom ($767CAD) has the carriage and accessories but the pony has black marks on her front legs... I’m so happy I bought this girl when I did. Talk about terrible inflation. Wow. Just wow.
I saw that too. Nuts. I bought mine in a bait lot for a few dollars.


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I got my baby princess sparkle from on the other forum boards.
As for rapunzel im not surprised that she goes up so high. I heard of a MIB one once recently go for alot. I went through complete listings and saw one for 137 dollars wow that's the lowest I have currently seen.


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A LOT of it right now is non-collector people hearing about the storage ponies and assuming their beat up, hair chopped, sun faded ponies will have the same value as the MOC one they just saw sell; didn't the same thing happen back when Princess Sparkle showed up in the one TV show? suddenly people were asking $100+ for a pony that the day before was selling for $10-20, haha.

With a few clicks, they can join a facebook group, they just want their FB marketplace post to show them as being in a collector group so they look like they know what they are talking about, I bet!

With G3 ponies, part of it is the prices are just now hitting 'collector' stage instead of 'toys' since they are now 15 years old; G2 ponies did the same thing. They slowly became more 'collectable' as people who grew up with them are searching them out, and discovering them all over again. :)