2021 Halloween Swap wishlists!


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Jan 3, 2006
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Jul 4, 2019
:Glowpump: 2021 Halloween Swap Wishlist :Glowpump:
Acceptable Flaws
- minor frizz/few missing plugs
- small scuff/rub marks

Unacceptable Flaws
- no haircuts/major frizz
- no pen or hi-lighter marks

Food Dislikes/Allergies
I do not have any food allergies but please no licorice flavored things! Other than that, I love anything chocolate or fruity flavors. If you have anything unique to your area or a personal favorite, I’d love to try it. :)
Halloween/Fall Interests
I love fall season in general because of the cooler breezes, fall smells/colors, apple picking, pumpkin carving, and holidays to name a few. Also, I LOVE to bake so if you have any recipe you would like to share feel free to throw it in!
Some things I really do not like are the horror/gore related things.... (you get the idea). Oh, and I really dislike Spiders and bugs! Yikes!
My favorite Halloween motifs are black cats, pumpkins, Jack-o-lanterns, and fall leaves.
Other Interests
I like to craft and LOVE to collect fun socks (especially the seasonal themed ones). I also just started to learn how to quilt this summer.
favorite G-3 ponies are Pumpkin Tart and Minty.
Extra Ideas
- socks and fall scents/wax cubes but no candles please!
- small fall/Halloween themed trinkets
- color pens and paper pads
- tea (also like tins that they sometimes come in :))
- G-3 merchandise/pamphlets/backcards/
coloring books
- STICKERS! You can never have too many.
- crafty things!
I also love G-3 artwork in their books so....
- G3 book “The Perfect Pumpkin”
- G3 book “The Thanksgiving Gift

Abra-ca-Dabra (prefer to have accessories)
Blue Mist w/pink hair
Apple Spice
Citrus Sweetheart
Jade Garden
Silver Glow
Chocolate Delight
HQG1C Batty Boo
HQG1C lil pumpkin
Cherry Treats
Strawberry Surprise
Baby Apple Delight
Crystal Empire Sunset Shimmer brushable
Explore Equestria Starlight Glimmer
Egmont Nightmare Moon

If you have any questions please tell @Gingerbread! Happy fall everyone!
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Jan 3, 2006
Okay, I don't have many reasonably priced ponies left on my list. I know the swap says a pony must be included but in MY case, this is NOT required. I have a HUGE list of merch and stuff I'm looking for and am TOTALLY fine with just getting accessories instead of a pony! My list of accessories is very long and I'm thrilled to mark things off it so if you can't include a pony that is A-OK with me!


I'm not too picky, no major hair cuts, or really bad marks. My biggest pet peeve is body/head color mismatch and bad pindot mold. But little flaws or marks and slight hair trims don't really bother me.

I like cooking/baking and decorating for the holidays. I love Snoopy/Peanuts, Eeyore, Garfield and I also collect Charming Tails. I also like mice but not Mickey, nothing against good 'ol Mickey but I just like cute mice stuff. I like fun socks and jewelry, I do have pierced ears. My favorite colors are greens and purples. As far as Halloween stuff goes I like cute Halloween themed stuff, I'm not into the gross/gory stuff. I like it all, bats, pumpkins, witches, ghosts...I find myself drawn to witches and pumpkins mostly. I decorate the house, all of it inside and out for Halloween and will be baking all types of treats. I usually host a pumpkin carving party with friends and I do an outdoor movie night with family. I look forward to the cooler weather and a couple bonfires. On Halloween we stay home for the trick or treaters and usually just eat snacks and watch movies.

None! My favs are Yorks and Skor bars but really anything with milk chocolate, peanut butter or toffee and since it's that time of year, of course pumpkin and candy corn too! If you're international, I do love trying new things from different countries. Starbar and Violet Crumble are favorite foreign candy bars. I'm not a fan of gummy texture treats though.


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Jan 30, 2021
-I'm not too picky. I'm ok with small marks. No haircuts or major frizz.
Food Likes/Dislikes/Allergies
- I don't have allergies. I like chocolate more than anything. Especially chocolate and peanut butter....:p I'll probably be sharing some of this with my bf so anything that seems really out there. Novelty flavors of candies or chips
- there’s not a whole lot I don’t like
Halloween Interests
-I actually love buying accessories for outfits during halloween! Anything that's super colorful or goth/punk styled. But no earrings please! I love looking at all the halloween themed home décor. (Lights, cups, bowls, dish towels, etc) Anything on the more cute side of things!
- Black cats are my favorite!
Other Interests/Extras
- Kandi making (pony beads, perler beads, fun bead shapes, party favors to attach to them)
- Stickers of course! I'm really into korean styled planner/journal stickers. Planner stickers, washi tape. Anything colorful, rainbow, holographic and sparkle themed :flutter2:
- Cute surprise toys like lol surprise, those zuru unicorn squad toys, spirit precious ponies :3
- Any horse/pony related toys
- Pens that write well!
- Plushies! Especially the ones they have out for Halloween!
- Blankets! Can never have too many...
- Also love the makeup that’s out around Halloween. The face glitters and all that. But please nothing that will go on my eyes, I have sensitive eyes lol Stuff that can be used for an everyday look, nothing too costume-y. Makeup brushes, sponges, etc are great too!
- Wax melts or hand sanitizer are nice. Any scent is good but please no cinnamon!
- My favorite colors are purple, pink, black, and rainbow!
- I DONT really like anything Disney related.
- I DONT like funko pops.
https://data.mlpmerch.com/wishlist/3395/ (not my whole wishlist because I haven't been able to sit down and go through all them)
I'm super into baby ponies right now
Any G3 would be awesome. Anyone that's not on my checklist
I’m not looking for anyone specifically!
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Dec 26, 2015
First off, what we like about Halloween. The ability to be someone else for a night. It’s awesome! I love autumn. The colors of the leaves before they fall, the cooling weather, and good reasons to snuggle under a cozy blanket with fuzzy socks on. My pup is just as good as a black cat. ;) My girl and I collect together and are happy no matter who ends up with a pony, so no worries about buying for both of us or specifically for me. My complete list with links to our Amazon wishlists are here
My daughter has another reason for loving Halloween. Aside from the excessive amount of candy. She does cosplay all year round. She’s getting better and better with special effects make up and constantly comes up with new characters and creative interpretations of existing characters. Definitely her favorite holiday.

My most desired pony right now is any of the nirvana, custom, or alternate rehair, blossom or baby blossom ponies, or customs of my oc.

A little about condition. I like pretty ponies. Major uneven or shaved haircuts, cancer, chewing marks, marker except on bottoms of hooves, major symbol rubs, pin dot, missing eye gems, and head/body mismatch aren't my cup of tea. A little frizz, dirt, scuffs, and light rubs are ok. Also marker on the bottom of the hooves. They just show the pony was well loved.

I Love g1's first and foremost. G2 babies are too cute. We do have some mib/moc g3 super long hair ponies. The g4 are my daughter’s, so loose are great and I'm not an accessory collector, so no worries there.

I love purple customs. I’m always happy for more custom blossoms, or blossom merch for my collection. We also would love to collect all the mlp Christmas ornaments. Brandy, mo spike, and any other dragons are much desired. My daughter is starting a heart throb army of her own and would welcome any heart throb customs. Cross generation customs are okay.

My daughter
heart throb, customs, alternate rehair, babies and adults, and from any country not U.S.
ss buttons
ss gusty
ss scrumptious
ss wind whistler *pink hair
ss shady
ss angel
she likes thick flocking and does not mind repinked hair

For me!
powder hallmark ornament
any g3 ornaments
entertainment earth blossom pin
Spring song
Ember with star
High flyer
Yo-yo (pink hair)
MO spike

All nirvana ponies I expect to be in poorer condition than the above. I don't mind restored ones or customs. Super short cut or shaved hair, more than a few little cancer spots, chewing/holes, or permanent marker on the body is more than I can handle. Hair trims, a few missing plugs, minimal highlighter, marks on the hooves, small marks on the body, or light symbol/eye rubs are ok.
Heart Throb
Blossom (all variants, I have purple on purple)

*Babies only, accessories not necessary
Baby Swirly

Super long hair (all mib/mip, but some damage to packaging is ok)
Mib dream blue *major want*
Mib petal blossom
Mib silver lining *major want*

G4 brushable *preferably loose*
Sweetie swirl
Octavia melody
Starbeam twinkle
Diamond dazzle tiara
(<3 spike) any spike.

Also mugs, shirts, pajamas, totes, ornaments, blankets, keychain (always), pins, and magnets. Magnets are awesome because my bed frame is metal. Any blossom or heart throb merchandise. I especially love the blossom bank.

Other information on our desired non-pony items
-Monster high season two minis *collection finishers*
Fruit ghouls: draculaura
Sporty: Draculaura
Small decorative, boxes, horse/carousel/pony figurines, bowls, buttons, old glass bottles without labels, tins, keychains, magnets!, unicornos, and anything schipperke related. My daughter is collecting with me and she likes, eevee the pokemon and all the eeveloutions (umbreon is her favorite), semi-precious stones, squishies, and puppies. She’s very into cosplay. Oh, we both like socks and we both wear adult socks! (She's in adult shoes!) We both adore Harry Potter. She's a ladies m. I usually buy men's shirts and hoodies as I have broad shoulders, I prefer loose so xxl If ladies, xl in men’s.

We like anime and video games; MHA, soul eater, fairy tail, hunter x hunter, kill a kill, pokemon, naruto, inuYasha, wakfu, ouran host club, cells at work, the nura clan, maid sama, blue exorcist, seven deadly sins, Angel beats, saiki k, sword art online, avatar, bleach, magi, gun gale online, miraculous ladybug, minecraft, demon hunter, black clover, undertale, Luigi, legend of Zelda, fnaf, creepy pasta, lego, kirby, etc.

-Our favourite colors
Purple, purple, purple, dark green, butter yellow (think pansies) and black. My daughter loves magenta, black, grey, violet, red, and sparkle. My pup doesn’t get dressed up, but he loves stuffed toys and treats.

Plastics, lotions, scents with any chemical, oils, perfumes, nickel, and adhesive.


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Jun 9, 2005
My pony wishlist, along with preferred condition, is HERE.
Extras are great, but it is understandable that the majority of cost will likely be spent on the pony/ponies. (Prices are crazy right now!)

Food Likes:
I have no known food allergies.
I like cherry- and raspberry-flavored things.
Dark chocolate
Ritter Sport Marzipan
Ritter Sport Cornflakes
Cherry Laffy Taffy
Pop Rocks
Seasonal Dove Chocolate flavors

Hershey's Caramel Apple Filled Milk Chocolates (Hershey's Customer Service told me last year that these were discontinued. Not sure if they're coming back this year.)
Jelly Belly jelly beans (Especially Toasted Marshmallow and Buttered Popcorn)
Cadbury Mini Eggs
Swedish Fish
I really like the peanut butter taffy in the orange and black wrappers that nobody else likes, but my teeth don't like them as much as my taste buds. :lolpony:

I cannot stand artificial grape or banana flavors.
Black licorice/anise flavor
Circus Peanuts
Cinnamon gum/candy

Halloween Likes:
I bought a full set for a friend, but the store only had one each of these three. The other two stores were sold out.



I like cute things. This is probably my favorite holiday, and I love to decorate for it.
Black cats
Changing leaves
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Hocus Pocus
The Addams Family
Tim Burton movies, in general
The Halloweentown series
The Worst Witch (Movie, haven't watched the series yet.)
Harry Potter series (books and movies but NOT JKR.)
Monster High

Other Likes:
My favorite color is purple.
My favorite ponies are G1 Twinkler (Sparkle Pony), G2 Light Heart, G3 Sunny Daze, G4 Pinkie Pie, and G5 Izzy.
My all-time favorite movie is The Princess Bride. I don't really watch a whole lot of TV.
My favorite animal is the ocelot. I also like frogs and flamingoes.
Lisa Frank
Shiny/sparkly things
Baking (mostly cupcakes - I like fun wrappers and sprinkles)

Other Dislikes:
Please do not send me candles/air fresheners or bath/body/makeup products. I DO have environmental allergies and only buy certain brands/products that I know won't trigger them or my migraines.
Excessive gore
CLOWNS. I cannot stress enough that I. DO. NOT. LIKE. CLOWNS.
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Sep 24, 2012
I'm on the light and cute end of Halloween with my preferences. The more 'fun' kind of spooky like black cats, witches, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, etc. No spiders or bugs though, please. For spooky fandoms, I like Ghostbusters, Hocus Pocus (the witches/Sanderson sisters), the Nightmare Before Christmas, the Addams Family, and Beetlejuice. Disney's Haunted Mansion is also great for fun spooky stuff. :) I'd love cute Halloween-y-themed socks, gloves or a scarf, and/or cute house decor. For colours, I love red and blue and all their shades. For a bit more of a fall theme, though, I also wouldn't mind more earthy colours like dark green, burnt sienna/umber, etc.

Candy-wise, I have no food allergies to worry about. I love milk chocolate + your basic sugar-y candy and jelly beans. I wouldn't say no to chocolate fudge, either. ;3 I also love hot chocolate. No nuts in chocolate or licorice, please.

For other fandoms, I have a great love of G1 Transformers (faves are Red Alert, Hot Rod, the Aerialbots, Jazz, Ultra Magnus... lots of Autobots (LOL)), and Ducktales (both classic + reboot) and other Disney ducks. I also like Animal Crossing, (I find Tom Nook, Timmy + Tommy, Blathers, K.K. + C.J. cute. Also, my villagers are Reneigh, Axel, Marshal, Gladys, Gayle, Pango, Kabuki, Leopold and Clay.) Other fandom loves are Back to the Future, Zelda, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasies 6 + 7 (with Locke + Vincent being favourites, but I like all the protagonists of both games).

I collect fandom pins and would welcome ANY sort of fandom pin! (I really need to get my collection up online somewhere for reference. x.x) For Disney pins, I am collecting the Castle pin series, and I am missing the 1st in the series, as well as #8 and beyond... but I know they are expensive, so unless you can find them cheap, ignore this.


Acceptable flaws:Not acceptable flaws:
light wearpen, sharpie, or highlighter marks on head/body
surface dirthair cuts
writing on hoovesbite marks/holes
slightly rusty OK; I can cleansmooze//mold//cancer
messy/kinda frizzy hair I can work with, toomajor paint rubs
(cigarette/cigar) smoke

My wishlists for G1 + G3 are getting very VERY small, so I know it'll be hard to find ones that fit under the price limits. My full wishlist is linked in my signature, but I'm including a narrowed-down list here. I'm not 100% up-to-date on current pony prices, especially for G3 or G4 ponies, so if any of these happen to be above the spending limit, please ignore their inclusion here. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size images:
G1 -> my wishlist G1.png G3 -> my wishlist G3.png G4 ->my wishlist G4.png

If those are too hard to find, I also collect mint-in-box Basic Fun ponies:
Unicorn & Pegasus series 1: Glory, Moondancer, Twilight, Medley, Firefly
Unicorn & Pegasus series 2: Heart Throb, Surprise
Rainbow Collection series 1: Starshine, Skydancer, Moonstone, Windy, Parasol, Sunlight
Rainbow Collection series 2: Confetti, Pinwheel, Starflower, Trickles
Earth Ponies series 1: Bubbles, Seashell, Applejack, Bowtie
Earth Ponies series 2: Cherries Jubilee, Tootsie, Posey
Twinkle-eye series 1: Sweet Stuff, Sky Rocket, Fizzy, Gingerbread
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May 13, 2010
Favorite candies:
milk chocolate with almonds, toffee, dark chocolate and milk chocolate, dark chocolate sea salt caramels, Cocoa Kinder Happy Hippos, Tootsie Rolls, grape and chocolate Tootsie Pops, Reeses PB Pumpkins, peanut butter M&Ms, peanut M&Ms, lemon KitKats, strawberry KitKats, Salted Nut Rolls, candy corn mixed with dry roasted peanuts, Whatchamacallits, Riesens, mini Snickers (not King sized, fun sized or regular sized), Twix, Werther’s Originals soft caramels, and Milk Duds. I love trying foreign candies that fit into my likes!

Food Dislikes:
Coconut, white chocolate, licorice, non-chocolate Tootsie Rolls, Rolos (unless they’re melted on a pretzel and topped with a pecan!), green (soy?) Kit Kat, chocolate covered marshmallow candy, circus peanuts

I do not have any known food allergies. I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke and hate stuff with cigarette smell or taste (food).

A note on acceptable conditions:
I am not a MIB/MOC collector unless specified. I don't like ponies with tail rust, missing manes (haircuts ok, just no baldies, mohawks or hack jobs) or tails, smooze, cancer, amputees, bad regrind or fading, chew marks, head/body mismatch, major permanent marks or mostly missing/smeared symbols/eyes. I also like ponies that are supposed to have pink hair, to have pink hair (ex: SS Twilight, Posey, etc.). Repinked hair is fine if well done. Otherwise I am not a terribly picky collector, unless it states on my wishlist something specific about a specific pony. I am okay with hair that is a little dry and frizzy (even though wouldn't mind having their hair done before I get them ;) since I can't do hair to save my life :blush: ). I prefer that my ponies are able to stand up on their own unless of course they aren't supposed to (sea ponies lol). I am okay with broken earrings on SHS and mechanisms that don't work (BnG-as long as the tail is not horrendously short). Writing under hooves is ok.

For swaps I do not prefer to get upgrades if possible unless otherwise specified or they are included as extras. Well done customs from my list done by a reputable artist would be acceptable as part of a swap.

What do you like for extras?
MLP FiM Enterplay trading cards from my list, MLP Accessories, other items from my non-swap wishlists and other collections, hot chocolate; art, customs or merch of Sugarberry, G1 stickers turned into magnets, retro G1 items, custom G1 items from MLP community-magnets, mini playsets (made by...?), puffy sticker buttons, people-sized combs and accessories, fobs/accessories made with custom G1 ribbon (roseasare), snaps featuring G1 pony art for my button snap necklace, Oragami Owl/living locket accessories/charms, culturally/regionally unique items, international candy items, different coffee Keurig cups for my husband-not French roast or weird flavored coffee.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. My birthday is also in October. I like cute, vintage, medieval, gothic/Victorian and elegant decor and such. Not really gorey stuff. I don’t like spiders but love witches, vampires, black cats, pumpkins, potion bottles, and magic. I like ghosts too. I have my own black cat named Anubis. We take my daughter trick-or-treating and sometimes have Halloween parties. I like to dress up. I like Harry Potter, Dark Shadows, Elvira, and paranormal romance books. I like to wear Halloween themed clothes. I have a haunted village but haven’t gotten to set it up the past few years. I like pumpkin patches, fall colors, leaves, pumpkins, and fall scents, just not patchouli. Wax bricks over candles preferred. I like hand washes and hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. I have very sensitive ears, so no earrings but other jewelry would be okay.

Etsy Custom Merch[spoiler]
Halloween Care Bear interchangeable necklace
Large G2 MLP logo
Large G3 MLP logo
Large G4 MLP logo

Lullabye Nursery
Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe[/spoiler]

G2 Sugarberry*
G2 Baby Sugarberry*
G4 Baby Sugarberry*
G1 sitting Sugarberry
G1 summer/windy wing Sugarberry
G1 Daddy Sugarberry
G1 Fluttershy (Dancing Butterflies base)
G1 Rainbow Dash (Medley base)
G4 Posey
G4 Firefly
G4 Surprise
G1 Clear Sugarberry (resin)
G1 “Appleberry”, “Lemonberry”, “grapeberry”, “Orangeberry”, pumpkinberry
G1 mommy Leaper (Tiffany pose)
G1 Honeycomb rehaired to match Baby Honeycomb
G1 Pegasus Sugarberry (Tiffany pose)
Halloween ponies
Thanksgiving pony
New Years pony (clock, streamers, party noisemaker horns, Silver and gold theme)
G1 Sugarberry seapony

USA Non-Mail Order
Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies

Sea Breeze*

Mail Orders
Pearly Baby Surprise*

So Softs
Hippity Hop with unfaded pink hair

Baby Bros
Baby Waddles

Baby Pony and Pretty Pal
Baby Hoppy*

Dance n Prance

Deflocked So Soft


Bridal Beauty's 2-layer pink beaded veil, silver wedding ring, pink bouquet barrette
Pony Bride’s lace crowned veil (replacement)

Princess Ponies Wands/scepters*
Light Green (Princess Dawn)
Yellow (Princess Taffeta)
Raspberry Pink (Princess Pristina)

Baby Seapony Floats
blue and yellow frog float

Sea Ponies
UK yellow clamshell*

Slumber Party Gift Pack Accessories
box of cookies
"Teen Magazine"
milk carton
“Screen” guide

Playset Accessories
-Home Sweet Home: Brandy (pink details), 4 yellow flags, 2 purple window shelves, 2 yellow jump stands, purple cross-rail
-Megan's Place: Snowball, turquoise cross-rail

1983 Accessory Cases-3 pieces, have smallest 1

McDonald's Book Clips
Cotton Candy
Blue Bell

MOC Pony Wear
Baby Pony Wear: Bunnysuit and Overalls

any "Sugarberry Merch"
TAF dishes
UK Collectors pamphlet
Party bracelets
Prize treat bags
Party hats
Easter comic

Firefly merch
Nursery Bubblegum dispenser with Baby Firefly
Bubblegum dispenser with mommy and baby Firefly
Purple canteen with Princess Tiffany
Lamp Shade
Blue umbrella bag with Megan and Sundance
egg cup*
Wall Mirrors
Soft lunch box
Tape player with Cotton Candy on it
Hand mirror with 2 blue ponies and stable
Giant Playing Cards


Plastic Puzzles
Megan and Sundance *
Mommy and Baby Firefly
Sea Pony

Wooden Puzzles*
Baby Cuddles and buggy
Megan and Sundance

Cardboard puzzles
60 piece puzzle with Sugarberry, summer wing ponies, Tex, and Love Melody
60 piece puzzle with Fifi, Up Up and Away, and Sugarberry in Perm Shoppe

Board Books
Where is Cuddles (lift flap)*

Preschool books
Preschool Pantomime

Story Books
MLP: Adventure Book
MLP: Spike and the Magic Shoes

Any but #87

Lil' Litters
My Little Bunny
Fancy Floppy Family: yellow “tall” doe, pink with blue eyes, aqua w/magenta eyes
Adorable Angora babies: aqua baby w/blue eyes, lavender baby w/purple eyes
Cuddly Cottontail babies: yellow w/dark blue eyes, periwinkle w/dark blue eyes

My Little Kitty
Dreamy Siamese kittens: purple and pink, sleeping and waving kittens
International G1s

Baby Gusty (Fancy Pants)
Baby Bows (Fancy Pants- green)

Rainbow Ponies

Starshine (Sternenglanz)*

Nesthackchen Babies
Baby Wurfelchen (Blocks)

Blossom (Tootsie pose)*

Baby Bowtie* (baby cuddles pose)

Princess Ponies

Princess Sapphire's (Royal Blue) dragon Smoky-blue
Princess Aquamarine's (Serena) dragon Prickles-green
Princess Pearl's (Tiffany) dragon Firey-red
Princess Ruby's (Primrose) dragon Sparks-pink
Princess Amethyst's (Sparkle) dragon Spiny-purple
Princess Amber's (Starburst) dragon Flash-yellow

Surprise Twins pink baby

Activity Club Babies
Blank White Baby Pony

Play and Care Babies
Baby Gusty NBBE

Bedtime Newborn Babies
Baby Sunset (pink)*
Upgrade Baby Stargazer (blue)

Alt pose Twisty Tail*

Schoolhouse globe
Hospital bed accessories

Secret Surprise
Hip Holly’s bag, orange flower barrette
Bright Bramley II’s globe

Magic Motion
Satin Splash's rainbow

Playsets/Playset Ponies
Wedding Chapel-ring
Royal Castle’s purple dining table leg, candelabra, 2 purple goblets, purple tray, pink wedding cake, white wedding topper comb

Princess Ponies
Princess Silver Swirl and her dragon, accessories
*Her Majesty Ballerina and dress
Her Majesty Pearl's blue shell case

Light Up Families
Baby Twinkles

Stardust and Moondust’s flower circlets
Nosy and/or Click

Royal Ladies
Lady Moonshine's purple “liquor” cabinet :lol:
Lady Cupcake's gold coin chest base And rainbow
Lady Rainbow
Lady Waterfall

Fantasy Hair

*Magic Diamond Glow

*Muse and accessories

Fancy-Dress Ball Ponies
Honey’s pink shoes
Puff, Dragon Suit outfit and green shoes

Wednesday Afternoon
*Bride and accessories

White nurse hats

cell phone straps

Baby Northern Lights

Accessory Pack Ponies
Fancy Flora

Super-long Hair
Dream Blue and her barrettes

January Carnation
December Poinsettia

Crystal Rainbow Castle wardrobe, punch bowl and ladle, wand, 2 ice cream dishes, 2 goblets
Crystal Rainbow Castle Euro exclusive furniture sets


G4 Trading Cards-as extras
Series 1
Promo Foils
F37: Rainbow Dash promo
F40: Rarity promo (Bronycon exclusive)

G2: Princess Luna
G3: Princess Cadence
G6: Discord (box topper)
G8: Queen Crysalis (box topper)

Series 2
Special Foils
F38: Applejack
F40: :muffin: Pony
F42: Twilight Sparkle (tin promo)
F44: Smarty Pants

G1: Princess Celestia
G3: Princess Cadence
G4: Twilight Sparkle
G5: King Sombra (box topper)
G6: Discord (box topper)
G7: Trixie (box topper)
G8: Timberwolves (box topper)

Stickers/Target Exclusive Foil Stickers
S16: Pinkie Pie
S17: Twilight Sparkle
S18: Rainbow Dash
S19: Fluttershy
S20: Rarity
S21: Applejack

Series 3
F59 Rarity
F60 Applejack
F62 Cheese Sandwich
F63 :muffin: Pony
F64: Starlight Glimmer
F65: Maud Pie
F66: Princess Luna & Celestia?

L2 Rarity
L4 Pinkie Pie
L5 Fluttershy (box topper)
L6 Rainbow Dash (box topper)
L8 Maud Pie (box topper)

Ponyville Ponies (value packs)

Series 4
Logic Cards
89 Fluttershy
90 Elements of Harmony
94 Star Swirl the Bearded

Parallel Characters

F2 Fluttershy
F3 Pinkie Pie
F7 Starlight Glimmer
F8 Discord
F11 Thorax
F12 Queen Chrysalis

Parallel Episodes
F14 Amending Fences
F15 Do princesses dream of magic sheep?
F16 Crusaders of the Lost Mark
F17 The Mane Attraction
F18 The Cutie Re-mark part 2

Fantastic Art

Special foils
F30 Pinkie Pie
F31 Rainbow Dash
F32 Rarity
F33 Applejack
F34 Starlight Glimmer
F35 Princess Luna
F36 Merry Mare

Shaped Foils
SF1 Princess Twilight Sparkle
SF2 Applejack
SF3 Pinkie Pie
SF5 Rarity
SF6 Fluttershy
SF7 Big Mac
SF8 Spike
SF9 Discord

Care Bears
New Care Bears-Halloween bear

Champ Bear Celebrating a Win*

Original TV specials, TV series

1983 Specials by Atkinson Film-Arts
"The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings"
"The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine"

1986 Nelvana The Care Bears Family Episodes
Season 1

"Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise"

Season 3
"The Care Bear Exercise Show/The Care-a-lot Games"
"Gram's Cooking Corner/A Care Bear's Look at Food Facts and Fables"

Glo Friends
Glo Boonie Beetle
Glo Firefly
Glo Garden Ant
Glo Horsefly
Glo Slugger
Glo Sniffles Snail
Glo Tootlebug

Strawberry Shortcake
Doll Pets
Melonie Belle lamb (party pleaser)
Marshland Mallard

Almond Tea Sitting on a Cushion with Marza Panda
Angel Cake with Souffle
Lemon Meringue with Frappe
Lem and Ada with Sugar Woofer
Purple Pie man with Berry Bird

Fairy Winkles
Fairy Sweets Assortment
Splashin’ Secrets Perfume

Take Along Secrets assortment
Lipstick Surprise

Other large playsets
Treasures 'n Twinkles Jewelry Box-have furniture

Marguerite Henry
Born to Trot

Others or Unknown Author
The Baby Unicorn
Thunder Cake

(Paas) Peter and the Magic Eggs

1st Day of School reboot
Cleo De Nile
Lagoona Blue
Clawdeen Wolf

Disney Stuff
Lenox Spice Jars
Snow White (Cinnamon)
Lady and the Tramp (Garlic)
Beauty and the Beast (Sage)
Cinderella (Thyme)
Alice and Wonderland (Mint)
The Aristocats (Dill)
The Little Mermaid (Parsley)
101 Dalmatians (Pepper)

WDCC Title Scrolls
Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast

Sleeping Beauty merch-favorite Disney movie
vintage items
items featuring Briar Rose/Aurora and/or Maleficient/dragon
Vintage Paperdolls (uncut-60-70s version by Whitman)

Vintage items: Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp, Aristocats

3D Little Mermaid game
Vintage Beauty and the Beast handheld game

Vintage Whitman waking Sleeping Beauty (upgrade)
Vintage Whitman making Cinderella’s dress(upgrade)

Sky Dancers
Christmas special edition Holly Berry
Halloween special edition Autumn

Tonka Cupcake Dolls
Princess Parfait
Bonnie Bride's hat

Jam Pops
Beri Ann
Fruity Fancy
Pretty Peach

Cherry Merry Muffin Dolls
1988 Muffin Dolls
*Apple Amy's apron, Apple Buddy, comb
*Banancy's muffins and tray, apron

1989 Cake Dolls
*Greta Grape, muffins & tray, hat, apron, comb
*Chocolottie's hat, apron
*Lily Vanilly’s muffin tray, apron, comb

1990 Ice Cream Dolls
*Cherry Merry Muffin's outfit, ice cream buddy, comb

*Sundae Sleeper

Little Pretty Puppies
Sweetlee-yellow with pink hair, cake symbol

My Pretty Mermaids
Sun Blossom

Diamond Dreams

Night Flower

Seaside Wedding
Lovestruck-not dress

Baby Dolls
Magic Nursery dolls
First tooth Toddler with brown hair, pink flower-bud dress

AA Baby All Gone
Quints uncut paperdolls
Lil Miss and Me uncut paperdolls

MIB Barbie
1987 CA Dream Barbie*
1987 CA Dream Midge
1991 Pet Pals Skipper*
1990 Hawaiian Fun Skipper*

Loose 1992 McDonalds Barbie Set

Pet Shop Collection
Cozy Home Pets
1992 Bobbing Fish in Treasure Chest Cove-lid for treasure chest and all fish but one green one
1993 Glittering Goldfish in Freshwater Pool

Country Fun Pets Collection
1995 Target Easter Exclusive Perky Playful Bunnies-mom, carrots

1995 Sparkling Ponies/Pets Collection
Sparkling Pony Pairs
1994 Sweetheart Ponies w/Moonglow Stable-pink saddle w/tulle
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There's no such thing as a bait Bluebelle!
Sep 21, 2007
Edit to mention I'm not a picky collector. I'm ok with most flaws so long as they aren't super extreme.

Yay! Below is my giant wishlist. I put stars next to the sets I've been trying to finish off first. If you find you're having trouble finding ponies, then know that I am always super happy with CP ponies. Especially, Bluebelle. Like you could send 2-3 Bluebelles, and I'd be stoked. I'd even accept a Fairy Tail Bird or Ursa from Moondreamers instead.....I figure as spin offs, they are close enough. Or if you're a customizer......I'd be happy with a custom as my pony too. lol. As for other things, I love all things 80's, Sailor Moon and other 90s magical girl stuff, Yankees, All fall themed things (pumpkin, apple, plaid, etc), socks. I have a caffeine allergy, so no dark chocolate please. :)

My Pretty Pony: Peachy version


Brush and Grow:
Princess Skylark
Princess Star Gleamer

*Big Brother:

*Sweetsteps Ballerina:
Baby Soft Steps

Summer Wing:
High Flier
Little Flitter
Sky Dancer

Windy Wing:
Moon Jumper
Starry Wings
Sun Glider

Playtime Brother Ponies:
Baby Leaper
Baby Racer
Baby Drummer

baby Bowtie

Beddy Bye Eyes
Lickity Split

Princess Ponies:
Princess Taffeta
Princess Misty

Flutter Ponies:
Pink Dreams

Pony Friends:
Cha Cha

So Softs:
Heart Throb
Magic Star
Skippity Doo
Hippity Hop* (I would like to find one with nice flocking)

Happy Tails:

*Dance and Prance:
Tap Dancer

*Merry-Go-Round Ponies:
Brilliant Blossoms
Flower Bouquet

Sweetheart Sister:
Frilly Flower
Fancy Flower
Bright Night
Cha Cha
Daisy Dancer
Pretty Belle
Sweet Sundrop

Pretty Ponies:
Happy Hugs
Ruby Lips
Flower Dream
Beauty Bloom

Rainbow Curl:

Sweet Talking Ponies:

Precious Pocket Ponies:

Misc and Mail Orders:
Reverse Gusty (custom or real!)
Long Hair Bowtie

Soda Sipping:

Secret Surprise:
Star Dazzle
Pretty Puff
Secret Beauty
Saddle cover for secret star

Chumster - yellow
Eager - purple
Cheerful - pink with purple crown
Hugster - Teal with pink crown

Majesty's Castle

Any Pony Parade set
Ponytail sets 2 &3 (see mlp wiki)

MOC Minty (G1)
MOC Butterscotch
MOC Blossom
MOC Snuzzle

ANY Country Bluebelle!!! :)
UK Family set Berrytown
UK Family Meadowsweet (daddy and baby)
UK Family Sunbright (daddy)
UK Flower Ponies
UK Schooltime Ponies (all but Sportstime)
UK Romance Ponies
Sweet Clover
Dutch Diary
Dutch Candy
Dutch Heart
Dutch Shell
Dutch Love
Dutch Butterfly
Nurse Sweetheart
Nurse Tenderheart
Nurse Loveheart
Greek Minty
German Nightlight

Prince Blue Dream
Princess Golden Dream
Bride "wednesday afternoon"
Copper Glow
Blue Hair Ivy

2006 SF Trolley MLP Fair Pony
Comet Tail
Royal Twist
Caribbean Delight
Winter Snow
Wind Wisher
Baby Winter Ice
Thistle Whistle
Summer Shores
Sapphire Shores
Silly Sunshine
Savannah Sage
Rythm and Rhyme
Baby Ocean Dreamer
Petite Petunia
Rainbow Bubbles
Snowdrop Swirl
Sun Shimmer

G3 Birthstone:

G3 Birthflower:

Sweetie Swirl
Star Dreams
Ploomette (non-glitter wing)
TrU Favorites Set #2
Shadow Dash
Diamond Tiara
Silver Spoon
Holly Dash
Flower Wishes II
Octavia Melody
Starlight Glimmer (pearled version)
Sea Swirl
Meadow Flower
Sapphire Joy

Styling Ponies:
Shining Armor
Princess Twlight with Rainbow wings
Daisy Dreams
Power ponies (minus Applejack and Fluttershy)

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Small blue Pegasus
MLPTP Supporter
Oct 18, 2017
MrPoniatorFlutterbat.gifYou can view my MLP Wishlist here.

Acceptable Flaws:
Anything that is easily fixable (for G1). G4/G5 I prefer mib or in euc. (See wishlist for more details)

Unacceptable Flaws:
Please no drastic hair cuts, cancer, non-fixable marks (marker/highlighter/regrind etc), no chew/bites/holes/missing appendages, no body morphs (pucker butt/oddly bent legs/etc), no weird smells (smoke/mold/cat pee)... basically if it’s not an “easy fix” to display I’d say pass on it.

Food Things:
As I am currently on a very strict diet, please do NOT send ANY food items/drinks. It is extremely important there's no food/drink/candy in my box. Thanks!!

Halloween-y likes:
I like fun cute things too. I love Hocus Pocus (My all time fav Halloween movie), not so Halloween but I love Stranger Things, old school Jim Henson stuff, Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters (mainly Slimer). I no longer dress up or go to parties because my friends and I are “too old.” Themed “no show” socks are always good for me.

Other Interests:
I also am a Disney lover of all sorts, but I love Stitch. I love anything Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts! I also love Shih Tzu or Pug related things. Stationary things like notes books, pens, stickers, things I can use at work. Crafty things I can use for pony fixing like new hair, acrylic airbrush paints, extra fine glitter, tinsel are all great things. Ummm basically I’m a bit of a nerd for all things animation and cute. Obviously I love any MLP merch. I also collect Fair Tails Birds and Lady Lovely Locks, my wishlist for them is here.

My favourite ponies:
Shady (G1), Lickety Split (G1), Surprise (G1), Wind Whistler (G1), Pinkie Pie (G4), Fluttershy (G4), Starlight Glimmer (G4), Sunburst (G1&4) & Spike is the best!! For G5 as of now before the movie, I love Izzy and Hitch.

Favourite Colours:
Teal & Pink

Okay! I think that covers everything. If my swap partner has questions about anything, please contact Gingerbread and she can relay your message.


Dollar Store Baby Fakie
Jan 7, 2010
Recyclebella's List of Pony Wishes

Anything given out of friendship will be loved and appreciated. I don't necessarily have to have things directly from my wish list...I love surprises! I hope you feel free to be creative, be yourself and have fun :)

Misc. Wishes

Anything created/made/written/drawn/designed by my Swap partner!

Any Basic Fun boxed ponies in standing poses, especially Earth Ponies Series 2

Anything G5 - (I haven't bought any of them yet).

Brushes, brushes, brushes! (And tail ribbons).

Anything related to Gusty or Gypsy

G4 Babies:
Apple Bloom
Star Dreams

G4 Adults (regular small size):

Recyclebella’s G1 Wish List

I love ALL the baby ponies with painted eyes.

Adult G1s
Gusty (if I had a pony army, it would be Gusties)

Recyclebella’s G3 Wish List

Cascading Symbol and Gradient Ponies:
Comet Tail (upgrade)
Dream Drifter (upgrade)

Other G3 Adult Ponies:
25th Anniversary Cheerilee (Cheerilee #2 II with eyeshadow/henna design)
25th Anniversary Rainbow Dash (rainbow gradient on legs)
Minty VII (loose, very good condition, Christmas release with graphics on legs/eyes)
Blank Pony
Silly Sunshine

Orange Flower

Random Info for Swap Partners

I adore Halloween. We make an extra-long holiday and celebrate it in conjunction with our wedding anniversary which is 2 days prior. I especially like Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice and Harry Potter/magical themed things.

I loved G1 ponies as a child, and have enjoyed following FiM throughout its run with my now-13-year-old daughter and my husband.

I'm a photojournalist (mostly sports), Girl Scout leader, English as a Second Language instructor and recently homeschool mom. I love animals of all sorts, especially my two cats, 13 chickens, and one white Pekingese.

I would like to learn Mandarin before I die. I studied it in college and spent a year in China, Indonesia and Taiwan.

I love baking (and cooking occasionally). I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in NY, and it was one of the greatest experiences.

I also like:
Anything and everything Gusty. She’s by far my most-loved pony and was my favorite as a child.
G1 RAINBOW ponies!
G1 babies (non-BBE)
G3 cascading symbol, gradient, & all-over design ponies
All non-US ponies and variants

Pony Dislikes:
G1: Generally, I'm not a fan of BBE babies or babies with the rotating ball necks.

G2: I don't like ponies with rotating legs.

G3. With few exceptions, I'm not a big fan of 3D symbols.

My Other Collections:
Art glass, other art, bells of all kinds, Woodstock wind chimes, Schleich

Hobbies & Likes:
Space science, Universal Orlando, Harry Potter (I'm a Slytherin with Puff tendencies), baking, photography, pretty stationery, MLP stickers/confetti/party supplies, my pets (cats/chickens/Pekingese), anything related to Chinese culture and cuisine, music. I LOVE LOVE LOVE original art, especially when it is made by friends.

Favorite Colors:
Blue & Orange & Black & Green & Purple in roughly that order; I also love rainbows.

Snack Likes:
I have no allergies & like almost all snacks. My favorites are things like Peach Rings, Twizzlers & strawberry licorice. I do NOT like "red" flavors in anything else, though. I do like orange or grape flavors. I love chocolate and all kinds of tea.

Pony Condition:
Nobody's perfect and I can still love ponies with little paint rubs, hair trims, small marks, etc. I am a little sensitive to smoke and generally prefer smoke-free ponies. I prefer not to have ponies with brown spots or severe body damage as I'm not great with repairs. I especially love ponies with soft, silky hair.
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Positively Pretty Pearly Baby
MLPTP Supporter
Sep 1, 2020




Honestly, at this moment, I honestly do not have a wish list.
(all the ones on my list are super expensive lol)
If I had to pick, id probably put down:


Baby Frosting: Bonus Points if you make her spooky!
Any Condition!


A really nice Blossom and/or Baby Blossom
Baby Nightcap
Any of the Glittery Sweetheart Sisters
Any of the "Pretty Ponies" they look like sweetheart sisters



I only have the orange one with berries,
a purple one with pink hair,
and Princess Crystal


White Bodied Ponies
(I already have: Citrus Sweetheart, Starswirl, Paradise Island,
white baby Pegasus, white baby with pink/orange/blue hair,
Christmas ornament cutie mark pony, and Star Catcher)


Your guess is as good as mine, they are a plague lol
I pretty much have the ones that I need ♥
Rarity and Pinkie are my fave commons
Coloratura is my fave non-common


Stuffed Sunny Starscout!


Honestly, anything should be fine since this is all for fun and games ♥
Just use your best judgment "Would I like to receive this pony?"


The only thing I really wouldn't like is a really smelly pony.
Please no really bad haircuts, no large age spot/cancer.
Rubs are fine if the eye/symbols are mostly still there.
Please no heavy marker/pen marks.
No bites or chewed on spots.
No Nail Polish on ponies.
Please do not send baits.


I do advise: this box is coming to Texas, so make sure when the candy melts, it wont leak lol

I have no allergies. But peanuts/peanut butter does give me headaches.
Now I did say before that peanuts gave
me headaches but Peanut M&Ms are perfectly fine ♥
I DO NOT like Coconut or Mint! (blegh!)


Chocolate Covered Almonds
Regular and Peanut M&M
Kit Kat
Baby Ruth
Hershey Kisses/ Hugs
Caramel Apple Suckers
Candy Corn
Candy Pumpkins (Candy Corn, but Pumpkins)
Mentos Fruit Flavor (not regular)
Halloween Themed random candy is fun too!
Sour and Regular Gummy Bears


Beef Jerky
Cheeto Hot Fries
Cheez-Its (extra toasty is best!)
Animal Crackers
Kettle Corn
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Chex Mix
Rice Krispy Treats
Nothing Ranch Flavored Please!





Black Cats! (I have two! Their names are Spooky and Smokey!) Adorable Ghosts, Bats or Pumpkins!
It can be anything from decorations to the moon! Halloween has so many cute things!
Honestly, if its freakin cute then I'm going to love it!


♥ Maneki Nekos (Lucky Cats) ♥
Kiki's Delivery Service
Shy Guy From Mario
Gravity Falls
Horses in General
Lion King
Beer Steins
Random Cute Anime Girls/Doesn't have to be any particular anime, just cute stuff!
If you wanna sneak in anything for my other half: Pokemon (especially Glaceon and the eeveelutions)

PLEASE NO: Blankets... I'm overrun lol

Honestly, just throw so much cute stuff my way lol


Colors: Pink/Blue

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Broken Winged Flutter
MLPTP Supporter
Aug 5, 2019
Acceptable Flaws

Frizzy/cut hair (see unacceptable flaws)

Easily removed marks/scuffs

Flaws that are easy to miss (missing plugs, dents, blurry symbols)

Unacceptable Flaws

No mohawks/buzz cuts please

Obvious cancer or regrind

Scratched eyes

Food Likes/Dislikes/Allergies

No allergies thankfully. Not a fan of seafood flavors or marshmallow. Love trying new and/or exotic flavors, hot drinks (except coffee), will gladly devour homemade goodies. PS: Liking candy corn is not a sin! :tongue: I'm pretty easy when it comes to food.

Halloween/Fall Interest

Love the cooler weather and snuggling up with a blanket and hot drink. Autumn colors are absolutely gorgeous and I love the leaf and pumpkin/apple themes. I’m not into the scary/gory side of Halloween but I do like the dark, “Victorian” vibe (think Poe’s “The Raven”)

Other Interests

I like to pretend I have a DIY bone in my body, I want to be a crafty person but I’m not very creative. Going into a Hobby Lobby is a special kind of torture seeing all the super neat things I’d have no clue what to do with. I’m a big tea drinker. I love Supernatural and sadly have almost nothing to show it yet. I have 3 kitties who are my everything and love to be spoiled. I also love to read, organize, and my favorite color is purple though rainbow anything is a good bet too. My style tends to veer toward functional and understated (simple but pretty).



***Alternate Rehairs/ Alternate Poses!! Love them!


TE Sky Rocket

Any Windy/Summer Wing (wings optional)

*Fizzy in any acceptable condition (even Basic Fun!)


NNS/Deflocked Shady

TE Sweet Pop

Strawberry Surprise

TE Whizzer

Baby Rainribbon






Nov 12, 2020
Acceptable flaws:
A bit of dry hair and minor marks are fine :)

Unacceptable flaws:
Chewed and damaged ponies, ponies that smell of smoke, Ponies with cut hair (unless it's minor!).

Food likes and dislikes:
No food is best. We are picky eaters plus it melts before it even arrives (Texas lol).

None, but please no smoking homes!

Halloween interests:
I love watching Halloween movies such as anything Tim Burton , Halloween town, Hocus pocus etc. I also love Halloween decorations!

Other interests:
I love Calico critters! I so far only have the panda family and mystery deer baby with witch hat, so any will do!
Also anything Dragon ball Z and The peanuts!

Favorite ponies and Wishlist!:
My favorite ponies are Applejack, Minty and Nightmare moon.

Any! I love the Halloween ones!❤

Apple jack,
Any Sea ponies

Any of the Baby G2 ponies!

Lily lighty,
Rainbow Bubbles,
June bug,
Halloween ponies.

Nightmare moon brushable,
Fluttershy 1st release,
Apple jack 1st release,
Collector series Celestia,



Princess Rinse 'N Spit
Oct 30, 2010
:batfly:~ Stellaluna's Halloween Wishlist ~:batfly:

I love Halloween! I like earth tones, fall colors, and the harvest vibe - like pumpkins and friendly scarecrows! I like family-friendly spooky aesthetic too like cute black cats and bats, but I do not like anything goth, horror or gore.

Food Likes
Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, dark chocolate, candy corn, Reese’s, gummy candy, peppermint, all types of tea, chai, pumpkin spice, moon cakes, mint/dark chocolate kitkats, snowcaps

Food Allergies & Dislikes
Coconut, Pistacchio, Licorice, Spicy foods, matcha

Other Things I Collect
~ 101 Dalmatians enamel pins
~ Breyer Horses
~ Digimon Cards
~ Pokemon Cards/stickers (only if it’s Pikachu ! )
~ Stickers

Other Stuff I Love
~ chickens
~ goats
~ sheep
~ horses
~ flowers
~ house plants
~ crafts
~ 60's/70's fashion, art, & music

Other Favorite Media
~ Neopets
~ Digimon
~ Disney
~ Fruits Basket
~ Hamtaro
~ Transformers
~ Unico
~ Studio Ghibli
~ Marvel

:smile:~ Pony Wishes ~ :lolpony:

I collect baby ponies!
I love how cute they are and their smaller size helps me save space.​
~ I don't have any UK-exclusives, Nirvana’s, or variant babies but I would love one~!
~ I don't have any HQG1 babies but I would love one~!
~ I do not collect baby sea ponies or BBE’s.
~ I do not collect custom ponies.
:star:My collection is small so it may be easier just to tell you what I already have.​
Everything outside of this which meets the above criteria is on my wish list!​
Here is a list of baby ponies I already own:
~ Baby Cotton Candy
~ Baby Paws
~ Lucky
~ Tangles
~ Baby Quackers
~ Baby Luckyleaf
~ Ember (blank-flank, purple)
~ Ember (blank-flank, blue)
~ Ember (blank-flank, pink)
~ Chuck-E-Cheese Baby Pony
~ Sparkle
~ Wiggles
~ Pink Sunsparkle
~ Flower Flash
~ Twisty Treats

Acceptable Flaws
~ Hair frizz/dryness
~ Missing plugs
~ Body marks/scuffs

Unacceptable Flaws
~ Severely cut hair
~ Obvious regrind/cancer
~ Eye flaws


Flat Foot Peachy
MLPTP Supporter
Aug 16, 2014
Here is my pony wish list

G1 Ponies:
Flat foot Minty
Flat foot Snuzzle
So soft Ribbon
So soft Skippety Doo
TWE Whizzer
TWE Sweet Pop
Dainty Dahlia
Sea Flower
Blueberry Baskets
Any G1 sea ponies

December Poinsettia
June Rose
November Chrysanthemum

Basic Fun
Bow tie

HQG1C Ponies
Rainbow puff - sweet treat baby
Lil pumpkin

G1 Accessories
Barrettes for sundae best ponies need Swirly Whirly, Crunch Berry
Candy cane ponies ~ any
Lollipop brushes pink
Pink Clam Shell

Other G1 things
Stickles - any
G1 Fact file

Hallmark Christmas Ornaments
My Little Pony Firefly 2018
My Little Pony Applejack 2020

G1 Puffy Stickers - need the following….
Sky dancer
Any sea pony

Acceptable Flaws:
I don't mind some imperfections as long as the symbol and eyes are good, small rubs are ok. Small hair trims and marks to bottom of feet are ok too

Unacceptable Flaws:
I prefer ponies without cancer, major pen marks and major hair cuts. I'm not keen on regrind but a couple of small spots are acceptable.

I prefer the cutsie side of halloween - black cats, cute ghosts, pumpkins etc. I don't like gore and blood or zombies. I am a fan of Nightmare before Christmas especially Jack Skelletington

My likes:
I like any MLP G1 retro Merchandise and I also have a Lickety Split army and love all things ice cream themed

I am a big fan of Peanuts ~ Snoopy in particular. I also love disney stuff, Disney Characters I particularly like are Winnie the Pooh and friends, Aristocats, Minnie and Mickey. Anything Disney or Snoopy Halloween related would be awesome

I also like Pusheen and Care Bears

I like stickers, stationary items such as pens, pencils, erasers, notepads, post its, washi tape or fridge magnets.

Socks are good also - I have medium sized feet! Fuzzy or normal

I would be happy with some halloween decorations - I love decorating with my son for Halloween or a Halloween themed game would be fun

Favourite animals: cats, owls and rabbits. We have 2 cats ~ Sunny and Marshmallow

My favourite scents are autumn and winter scents such as cinnamon, spice, cranberry. I also like fruity smells. I like liquid soaps, shower gels, body lotion, hand sanitizers and hand cream.

Chocolate - I like milk and white chocolate. Chocolate with caramel, marshmallow, nuts all good! I don't like coconut, marzipan, Turkish delight, peanut butter
Sweets - I like gummy sweets. I love laffy taffy. I don't like black liquorice

Chips - I love Cheetos, cheese and the jalepeno and cheese flavour.

Drinks - I like drinking coffee and hot cocoa especially topped with marshmallows! I don't drink tea!

I don’t have any allergies
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Dollar Store Baby Fakie
Jun 14, 2021
Sorry mine isn’t super pretty. I’m doing it from my phone. I’m not as up to date on prices but tried to include plenty in case some were over the limit. If they are over the limit please skip over those.

Army ponies
Bow tie
Lavender Lace

Summer Wings
Sky Dancer
Little Flitter
Lady Flutter

Windy Wings

Flutter ponies
Rose Dust
Morning glory
Forget me not
Peach blossom
Wing song
Tropical breeze
Cloud puff
Wind drifter
Yum Yum
Also could use some reproduction wings

HQ ponies
Artistry ponies (any)

Hallmark Pony ornaments
Moon dancer

Basic Fun ponies

I only have Stranger Things AJ so any of the others would be happily appreciated. I’m also after the three 2 packs of the micro ponies (bit the ones from the toy box blind bags at big lots but the ones with the hair)

Acceptable flaws

Hair cuts
Some small marks or rubs
Damaged wings (windy and summer wings) or missing wings on a flutter

Unacceptable flaws
Missing parts (like bite chunks etc)
Big rubs with missing symbols, eyes etc

Halloween likes
Vintage Halloween (example like the old black cats etc)

Ravens (I’m a big Poe fan and an English teacher)

Nightmare Before Christmas (Oogie Boogie is my favorite, but I cosplay Sally and my wedding ceremony is going to be NBC themed)
Scary movies etc. I’m a big horror movie fanatic

Candy/treat likes
I like sour gummy things, fruit flavored stuff, and chocolate with caramel. Also it’s a bit non Halloween but I like peppermint and mint flavors. We eat more healthy snacks at home though so not too much candy please

Other stuff I like
opossums- I raise orphans and release them during the spring

draft horses- I own a black Clydesdale

poodles and huskies

Alice in Wonderland stuff

anime/manga related: Sailor Moon and Black Butler

Wax cubes for my candle warmers


Pied Piper of Ponies
MLPTP Supporter
Jan 20, 2018
Not super picky. Doesn’t have to be perfect, but fixable stuff (minor haircuts or minor marks
No head/body mismatch please

I don’t really care much for chocolate.
I love Waterbridge wine gums and Wiley willoughby Licorice.
I like salty treats

no allergies

Halloween stuff
I love Halloween. Spooky, scary, yes. Black cats, witches, zombies, ghouls. See my love of Monster High below.

G1 Ponies still needed

Year 3
Seabreeze and shell
High Tide and shell
White Cap’s shell or repro
Wave Jumper and shell
Sand Dollar’s shell or repro
Sea Star
Sea Shimmer (pearly)

Year 4
Tiny Bubbles
Snowball puppy
All 6 McDonald’s Collector charms

Year 5
Cheery (pink)
Wavy and float
SS Crumpet
Sweet Dreams

Year 6
Coco Berry
All mommy charms
Princess Sunbeam
Newborn twins speckles,
Tall Tales
Watercolour sea pony Wave Dancer and float
Raspberry Jam
Cha Cha
Cat nip

Year 7
Baby Pockets
Baby Hoppy

Year 9
Secret Surprise Secret Star
Secret Beauty

Year 10
Colourswirl Lovebeam
Flower Fantasy sweet blossom
Fancy mermaid Sea princess
Sea Shimmer

Wigwam's headdress, and bandannas for Wigwam, 4 speed, Steamer and Quarterback

International Ponies needed

Activity Club Baby Ponies
UK babies, Lemon Drop, Gusty, Ribbon, baby honeycomb
Any Dragon that came with Princess ponies

All Sweet Kisses ponies

UK Non so soft Wind Whistler, Gusty, Shady, Buttons

Sea Ponies
Surf Dancer with Shell
Sea Spray with Shell

Playschool Baby Ponies
Schooltime Ponies
Starlight Baby Ponies (except Baby Mischief)
Flower ponies (except Daffodil)
7 Tales (except Clover)
Cookery Ponies
Romance Ponies Love Letter
Nurse Ponies
Rollerskate ponies Jazzie
Hair do ponies beautiful bows
Berry Town family
Meadowsweet Family
Dad and mom Sunbright
Best Friend Ponies except baby Susie
Sweetie babies
Jewelry ponies
Seaside ponies except Splosh

G3 ponies wanted

Snow El
Black Project Pony
Fancy Flora
Darling Dahlia
Butter Pop
Candy Apple
Berries and Cream
September Aster
Wind drifter
Wish I might
All my heart
Jade Garden
Guava lava
Finger Paints
Heart Bright
Summer Shores
Royal Beauty
Snowdrop swirl
Rainbow treat
Rainbow Bubbles
Petite Petunia
Caribbean Delight
Beach Belle
Dibble Dabble
Comet tail
Butter drop
Star Shimmer
Jingle Jangle
Silver Song
Midnight Dream
Daisy Paisley
Silver lining
ComicCon 2007 Superhero *
MLP Fair 2008 Providence *
Morning Glory
Pretty Pop
Star Flower
Black Project Pony
Morning glory

Other collections
I’m simply mad for Monster High. I’m not an in box collector, but I prefer fully dressed with most or all accessories.

Monster high
Dead fast Ghoulia Yelps
Frightfully tall Elissabat
Ghoulia Yelps scooter set
Wheelin’ Werecats Sisters & Scooter (2015) (E)
Draculaura(2014) Monster Exchange
iris clops
Lagoona Blue & Kelpie Blue 2-Pack (2017) (B)
Jinafire Long (2013) New Scaremeister
Frankie Original favourites
Party Ghouls
Frankie and Operetta Picture day
Amanita Nightshade & Nefera de Nile 2-Pack(2016) scream and sugar
Meowlody & Purrsephone 2-Pack (2012) (E)
Black and white Frankie
Sweet screams Ghoulia Yelps
Voltageous 28’ dolls
Moanica D’Kay
Zombie shake

I love pony art and Monster High art.
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Monty Python's Holy Grail
Jun 7, 2005
My Pony Wishlist
G4 Dr Whooves
g4 maud pie
reissue gusty
reissue moondancer
any sea pony adult or baby
baby fifi
any sunshine pony
any ballerina pony
any glittery shs ponies
I love glow in the dark stuff, resin crafts, I bought a dollhouse and I'm looking for miniatures to fill it, I love cats! I love halloween of course but plz no uber gory stuff, , I love black licorice and candy corn(I;m a vegetarian so plz no gelatin in the candy). <3 chocolate of any kind. I love anime like fairy tail or moon phase. Love old scary movies like hammer horror, I also like shimmer and shine teenie genies, mlp fim blind bags, kawaii stuff, little twinstars and gashapon stuff. Ponies should be in good condition with no major hair cuts or marks.
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