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Nov 22, 2021
I've been feeling kinda down about my art lately, so, before bed, I wanted to try and whip up something I could hopefully feel proud of. I always love drawing ponies, I love G3, and I love G1 Bowtie. So, I kinda just ended up combining all of the above as I went.

I whipped her up in about an hour, which is surprisingly fast for me. Admittedly, I did get lazy when it came to her hair. Nevertheless, I'm happy enough with her and I hope y'all enjoy her as well. :Flutter3:

Edit: I was commissioned by Lady Frostbite from the Arena to draw Pony Bride in the G1 style. Instead of creating a whole new thread, I figured I'd just reuse this one for any future G3ifications I may do.

I also tried to make her symbol look more in-line with G3's cutie marks. I used the marks on Angel Dove, Sweet Sparkle, and Glitterbelle for reference.

Raincurl, commissioned by BlackCurtains on the Arena
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She’s adorable!
In a way, it kind of looks like the bride pose would almost be a sort of blueprint for G3's, with the slender limbs and the more pronounced face.
Raincurl looks awesome!
I love this! The bride's symbol is really nice. I love that bride pose ponies are usually drawn barely slimmer than the other ponies, even in the UK comics and the back of the colorswirl's card. Somehow it seems like Bow Tie's colors, though original, are very G3. These are relaxing just to look at.
raincurl's hair looks amazing! great job!!