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g4 dragons werent great either, but atleast they looked like dragons!
I liked G4 Spike's design and the big dragon in "Dragonshy", but imo the G5 dragons look way better than most of the G4 dragons.

Screenshot 2023-12-04 1.21.21 PM.png

I hate the human-like proportions so much. Makes them look naked. WHY are they bipedal? When the previous dragon looked like this:

Screenshot 2023-12-04 1.29.39 PM.png

Now THAT'S a dragon!

Oh, let's not forget what they did to Spike in the G4 finale:

Screenshot 2023-12-04 1.33.27 PM.png

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I don't think any MLP dragons really look like dragons, so I've been okay with that from the start. How can one resist g4 pudgy, baby Spike?

I did love that older G5 Spike's dialogue and personality was so extremely Spike-ish. It was nice to see him and I hope Hasbro makes a figure of him.
I like Comet. Since he’s supposedly joining the main group now, will he get a toy? Misty has barely any though

Jazz got a toy but Rocky hasn’t apart from the tiny figure of him. Can’t exactly have the Mane Melody trio without Rocky
Just an FYI to anyone interested in the G5 Dragon Light set, it's now up on preorder U.S. Amazon for $14.99, being released on January 1st.

I'm hoping for a version of Spike! They better pony up. :Flutter:
This week I decided to give G5 another chance, and I'm glad I did! I didn't like the way it started, but I like the way the story has progressed. Count me in, I'll be waiting for every new release now! Um also... THE PEGARATS!!!!
I never got round to posting my G5 findings last week.

In The Entertainer, the display was at least a bit bigger than last Christmas’ stock but felt unchanged from July
There were some strange looking squishie things and some decorating headband stuff
Figures remain unchanged
Then over at The Works, Izzy pens for three quid
After 70 episodes, a new series begins

Some interesting new background ponies and Violette! Since these join up to the Netflix series, will Violette also make the jump over to Netflix fluzziness?

In case anyone’s wondering who Violette is:
i personally have two in mind i'd be really interested in!! i really like the colors on windy from chapter 1 of make your mark and i think she'd be absolutely gorgeous, but one i'd be even more excited about is this (to my knowledge at this moment) unnamed unicorn that's going to show up in the comics, she appears to have vitiligo and i think it'd send out a really nice message to kids if she became a prominent character and had a toy, and with this news about misty i think i have higher hopes for that possibility now :satisfied:
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