I need donkey help!

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Local Ding-Bat
Jun 25, 2014
OH MY GLOB HE IS SO STINKIN' ADORBS! I wanna eat his face! AUGH!!!

Ahem. Well. Dang I want dat donkey.

Anyhoo, it's true that some people have kept mini donkeys in their homes, but typically they can cause some pretty serious problems. Donkeys, from large to small have some pretty standard behavioral traits. Even gelded the males are sweet, but very domineering. They will sometimes 'fall in love' with their owners and become very possessive, even to the point of hurting other pets or people. Sometimes... they will even hurt you, the apple of their eye. I say this from experience. I had a beautiful little white donkey that I kept for a neighbor. He lived with me from 3 years and was my constant companion. Never aggressive to people, but he often would go after the cats or dogs if they tried to get near me when he was around. He never hurt them, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Then one day I took my sister Lindy and her son into the pasture to see him and Lindy put her arm around me. My little Jose went nuts, but he didn't attack them (fortunately) he instead slammed me to the ground, rearing up and literally stomping me flat into the grass, then he laid on top of me. Gladly he wasn't a full size donkey, but he wasn't a mini either. He showed them that I was his. LIndy had to grab her son and put him over the fence then every time she tried to approach us, Jose bit my hair and pulled. I told her, just back up and get out of the pasture. She did and he got off me, and I had to crawl on my elbows to get under the fence. Every time I tried to stand he'd knock me down. This is a donkey who'd never showed an ounce of malice towards me. The next day he was back to his sweet ways. A vet friend later told me it wasn't really unusual, that donkeys are 'very dramatic' in their emotions. When my neighbor heard what Jose had done, he immediately sold him (then tried to give me the money for my doctor bills, the sweet man), but I cried and cried. I loved him, even though he really messed me up. Would he have done it again? I dunno. But I wanted to keep him anyway.

I can't think it would be good to have a mini inside all the time. I could see an inside/outside arrangement, but as long as he stayed quite small and showed no aggression towards others. But I'd definitely have him altered, I think that's a must unless he's just top notch breeding material. But I just have to tell you the potential is there that he could get wacky, and he could hurt someone. Donkeys are just... temperamental. I wouldn't want to dissuade you from getting him, I just want you to be aware that sometimes they have some serious attitude. Once you meet him and talk with his owners, you'll get a better feel of things.

I would totally get him though. :D

Holy cow Foofoo, that is frightening!:surprisepony: