G3 I need help does everyone have a high quality scan of the g3 Mail Order Poster

my little pony collector

I was born in the reboot 80s
Aug 29, 2017
Hey everypony as my title says I was wondering if everypony hand a very high quality scan of the poster I have been looking everywhere and can't find it as a kid I don't what pony points was now I now so many points wasted
But there was a My Little Pony Mail Order Poster that you could get for like 4 points I have been working on my pony room and would really like some things to put on the wall's
So I was looking for the g3 My Little Pony Mail Order Poster because g3 is my favorite generation I can't find it anywhere and there only one on eBay I didn't really want to pay money for something that was free in the first place
Can anypony help