I shouldn't have the right to own ponies


Jan 2, 2022
case in point
joking aside i think these are a good match
I am very happy u like my hybrid, my original idea was to paint her with human or/and elephant skin texture and hyper realistic eyes but i decided against since i thought it would be too weird and nobody would want her
I'll be honest, I'm sure there's a market for weird af ponies. Or if there isn't, there should be. Google "long furbies" sometime, people love old toys from their childhood being turned into abominations.
My Little Chernobyl: Mutation Is Magic

Watch the happy mutant ponies frolic through the radioactive fields of the exclusion zone!

Behold their fledgling civilization in the ruins of Pripyat!

Be amazed at the mutant ponies need to lick the old nuclear fuel rods! (It's where the magic comes from!)
Not to be dramatic but I would die for her.

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She reminds me of Fernardo Botero's horses: chonks with teeny heads.
But my favourite is this one - so heraldic and elemental, looking back like that. The stubby tail makes it.
Heraldic Pony.jpg

the lack of painted features makes them more like sculptures than toys - and in this way represent the spirit of the horse better - in all its abstractions.

I frankly love your frankenpony experiments. <3:yay:
I love the one with the shrunken head, she looks straight out of an oddity shop.
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