If you could be...


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jan 17, 2006
If you could be one pony which pony would it be and why do you want to be that pony?

I would have to say that i would be Tornado.
He just looks so tough and cool! :cool:
Yes, i would most certainly want to be Tornado!
I'd be Bowtie.

She's shy and girly and sweet, and I was a bit like that when I was a girl. ('till I grew a bit and found boys and motorbikes in my early teens!)

She was always the pony that was most like me in games and blue was always my favourite colour.

Shlugh xx
Firefly. I always loved her in Escape from Midnight Castle! And of course it would be great to fly. :)

mmmmm.... I would be Twinkle Dancer...she is so girly and sweet..like me.LOL :D
German Starshine...cause she has rainbow hair and wings! Horray! Course...I best speak english, otherwise I couldn't understand myself. :lol:

I would be Gusty because she just like me! athletic and confident! She is different than any other pony!

I'd be Moondancer. She's not too "showy", yet still strong and regal in a silent sort of way. She doesn't draw much attention to herself. Much like myself. :wink:
BB ,how did I know you were going to say Moondancer!! :wink:

I think Id be Gypsy..a little bit quirky, but quiet enough.
I'd be Munchy.....love to eat, and yet an oddball all at the same time. :wink:

I'd be Wind Whistler because she's smart, cuddly, girl-next-door pretty, blue (my fav color), and she can fly!
I'd love to be any of them and never have to grow old.
I would be Zipsy and sprinkle glitter and cuteness on everyone! Bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhaaaahhahahaa!
O.K. you'll never guess, I would be GINGERBREAD! I love to cook, especially yummy desserts and cookies (I really like to eat them too). Also I love her twinkle eyes and hair colors. She has always been one of my favorite ponies, even when I was a child. Yey, for Gingerbread!
I tried to think of something different, but like LuvTruly, I would like to be Firefly.

She was always my favorite. I'd love to fly, and with my fascination with storms, the little lightning bolts would be perfect!
Sugarberry. I love strawberries and I've always wanted to be a redhead. :3
Hmmm... I know it's awefully ironic, but in real life my personality is almost like what I picture Mimic to be. :lol:

Silly, fun-loving, doesn't care what others think - and actually dares to be different. Yep - that's me alright! Heehee! Oh, and I also really love Unicorns. And sparkly things such as TEs. And! Rainbow hair! Oh!


(Edited for spelling. ;))

EDIT AGAIN: And OMG! I also really love parrots! Always have! Muee!

I'd be gingerbread(other than the fact shes my fav and I think shes the most pretty mlp there is). She loves to cook(I do but I'm not the best at it). I love everything about gingerbread. I knew I like her from the first time I saw her in the mlp movie.And wanted to find out who she was.