I'm Redesigning G2 Ponies!


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Oct 16, 2020
@strawberrypony32 took the words right out of my mouth, she was first released with an ornate canopy bed with a garden under the headboard. Lightheart jumping on a bed the way kids turn beds into trampolines.

@AutumnRoan idea seems to fit your art style-a multicolored harlequin clown idea, but she is still a pony with flowing rainbow hair, the first G2 rainbow pony, actually. A mask that is half white, half rainbow. There was also a set where her and Sundance had their symbols surrounded by balloons and this really fit Light Heart, like if she flew with a balloon the way the care bears do and used her pony body to hold the string the way G4 Pinkie Pie could break the rules of gravity and the fourth wall. If she has wings, but is also flying by holding a balloon string then a joke would be intrinsic to the portrayal.

Lightheart also has pink hooves that match the pink part of her hair instead of hooves that match her body like the other ponies.

So I guess I'm thinking rainbows as trampolines, and harlequin masks that are half rainbow and half white, and a lot of movement, maybe she's upside down.
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Jun 21, 2022
Absolutely stunning designs! Not only does your epic level of artistic skill really shine, but your true love for these lovely ladies just radiates from each lovingly rendered accessory, expression, and outfit. I'm beyond awed and in agreement with everyone else who has said they'd love to see more of your work ♡