is this mold?


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Dec 15, 2022
inside of my princess starburst. i opened her and then immediately recoiled >__< its pretty gross looking. i use oxiclean, right? how do i remove her symbols so they dont fade?

Oof, ok. I have seen the internals before, but never removed them. I would maybe remove the tails, then fill only the inside of the pony with cold or tepid water and oxy. Maybe gently cover around the symbols with white tac just in case?
Definitely mold. The internal bits of Princess symbols are usually plastic.

With this gal, as recommended by @Twinkle-eye I would remove the tail and washer, then fill the inside of the pony with warm water and Oxiclean and let it soak for an hour or two.

Then I would use dish soap and a baby toothbrush and scrub the inside, you can usually get into all the nooks and crannies. If the legs are difficult, run hot water on the outside of the legs, this will soften them and you can bend the vinyl easy to clean. Once you’ve scrubbed, use the Oxiclean in a small cup (I use an old yogurt lid) to make a “paste” and I dip my toothbrush in it and scrub the inside again. Let the paste sit for another hour or so then scrub again and rinse the pony out. Allow the pony to throughly dry before replacing the head (I typically leave them for a minimum week).
If the mold scrubs off with an old toothbrush you should be in good shape to just take her tails out, give her a vigorous cleaning and let her dry out very thoroughly before reassembling. I don't recall if I've ever removed the symbols unless they were broken. I think it should also be safe to try a baking soda paste in there if you're nervous to try the oxyclean right off the bat. Just try to keep it off the outside of the symbols and rinse everything really well. Very warm water to soften the plastic will help you bend the pony's legs gently to get a visual and a better scrubbing angle on any mold down in the legs. Warmth might also help you to squeeze the vinyl around the edges of the symbols to check underneath them. Have a bright lamp nearby if you can (a kind that you won't get water on and pop a bulb - speaking from experience) to help you look through the plastic and check for dark spots that could be remaining mold, especially mold trapped in a pore that you can dig out with a toothpick. (gross)
Oh yeah, that's definitely mold. I've found that eyelash brushes are great for scrubbing out harder to get parts, such as ears, and back hooves.
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@Draco @Twinkle-eye @Skybreeze @Jellybean @Leave a Whisper thank u so much for your replies!! <33 i washed the inside of her body as best as i could first w soap and water, and then i put oxiclean in all of her little hooves, some in her body and filled her with hot water and let her sit for a while <3 i think its working, ill scrub the insides of her legs sometime later but right now shes soaking in water because everytime i rinse her the water comes out kinda white?? so im trying to let it dissolve first lol;;; thank you so much!!
Yup echoing the herd that’s mold and you will probably have to go through multiple oxy baths. You can make a thicker paste and coat the mold spots to help pull the mold out of the vinyl too.
Woo wee it looks like a monster in there! Good luck! You got this.
omg i guess i forgot to update but i did get her clean !!!! heres some pictures!! <33

i used a mixture of lots of scrubbing and also some oxyclean soaks in her legs, i may have gotten it on her symbols though :( i cant really tell but they look the same for right now!! also the mold wiped completely off with acetone? i could have probably done it that way too but i just washed her haha