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CJ Thimble Bright

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Apr 9, 2010
I guess I'm the first to receive an Ornament Swap box! So here goes the brag...

I normally wait to open any Christmas swaps I participate in until closer to the 25th, but I seriously could not contain my glee at receiving pony mail today!

@kittensquid sent me an amazing package that seriously went above and beyond for this swap! Here is everything out of the box...

And everything unwrapped...

And LOOK at these awesomely made ornaments!!!!



I mean SERIOUSLY. I am exceptionally impressed by these ornaments. Very well designed and constructed. And the details to the eyes: AWESOME. Thank you so much for spoiling me so completely!!
Wow! What adorable little ornaments! Soooo cute!

Thank you for starting the show off thread, CJ! I hadn't done it yet and I should have knowing some people had mailed out!
Well, I received my box today! Sorry I didn't post earlier! I'm sorry the pics don't do justice to the amazing box!
So @CJFullmer spoiled me with

Chocolate everywhere! Reese's, Russel Stover, Hershey's, and an adorable peppermint lotion!

The sweetest card ever and some very pretty stickers! I love the pony ones at the top, so unique!
And last, but not least

The most amazing, adorable, cuddly Wind Whistler ornament!

Again, thank you so much, @CJFullmer! Hope you have an amazing Christmas!
Oh wow I love Wind Whistler, she is adorable.
I got my ornament package today.
Thank you @CJFullmer for my gifts and ornament.

The only yellow thing in this world I like fluttershy
It is a awesome idea.

I just realized my computer has the inspiration pic for my partner glad it's mostly covered up lol.
Also I had to open the box in my truck and it popped open and ressies piece went every where. I hope I found them all lol!
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Those Windwhistler and Fluttershy ornaments look fab :)
I am getting so Christmas feeling while watching the photos^^
I'm loving all the snazzy ornaments so far! Congrats everyone :)

@kittensquid sent me an awesome box of Christmas cheer. :xmashug:plus she included little goodies for my fury friends, they send a very big thank you! Please excuse the mess that is my kitchen table. :oops: It's become my ongoing project zone for a while now...




Thank you so much! That hot cocoa mix got used as soon as I opened it <3 Plus stickers, and socks (which I always seem to need, I go through socks like nobody's business), candy is always appreciated ;)
And look @ Firefly & Twilight! Too cute. I'm gonna have to get my but in gear & get my little tree up so I can put these on it. :xmastree: Thank you again, & Happy Holidays everyone! :santasmile:
Oh no! I didn't realize I had purchased the exploding style of Reece's Pieces! Hahah! Hope they were all still eatable!
Oh Yes they were in fact there all gone now lol!
I'm so glad you liked yours too! Furry thank yous are always appreciated and the candy canes are cherry flavor, which I forgot to mention!
These are all such lovely boxes!! I can't wait for my partner to get theirs!