MLPTP EVENT MLPTP Handmade MLP Christmas Ornament Swap Brag Thread

I got a lovely surprise today from cutekitten! I just love everything so much!

My cat REALLY wanted to help me with the wrapping paper! Look at all that cute goodness!

Look at Rarity and Opalescence! I am so happy to have an ornament of my favorite pony pet! They are so cute and went on my tree right away!

Thank you so much, cutekitten! Your kindess really made my day and I hope you have a lovely holiday!!!!
Got my final swap box from @evilbunnyfoofoo on Christmas Eve! (She has impeccable timing... ;) )

Thank you so much for everything! I absolutely LOVE the two ornaments you sent! The sea pony is so cool, I love it! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!


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It made it in time? Wowzers! I must shake my post guy's hand.

I am so on the ball, I wasn't just running late, I BRILLIANTLY shipped CJ's box to her old address because I looked at last year's address list somehow. You guys might want to find me a nice old folks home now.

I will get my brag pics up soon! I have people visiting and they're crampin' mah style. Now if they have Ponies for me in those gift bags, all will be forgiven. :D
Sorry my brags are so late, but it doesn't mean I didn't LOVE mah loot!

First, here's my box from RedTabbyKitty

Lookit those two nosy Nellies, checkin' out mah stuff!




There was so much stuff I flipped out! It was all so awesome! And Poopsie swiped my Rarity, whatta ,meanie! I also had to laugh, because hank really liked Rarity as well, not knowing at that time that I had bought him one for Christmas!

Here's my box from Skygleamshine. You can't see, but there's illos all around the box! It's so cute I just love it. Even my post guy was gushing over it!

Sooo cute! I had to disguise my addy, so I disguised the girls as well!


Oh boy! More presents to rip open! And look at my adorable Minty pic! Isn't she just adorable?


Handpainted Minty Box! SCORE! So very, very cute! And the ornaments are fab, and look terrific on my white tree! I loved it all!

This has been a great swap, everyone! I had a total blast!
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Oh no, the Minty ornament is blue! I'm color blind :oops:
I'm really happy it made it! The tracking didn't want to update :mad:
And I love those pony stocking ornaments @RedTabbyKitty made, so pretty!
No, the pic is offcolour, I promise! The ornament is perfectly Minty coloured! It looks good on mah tree... I should take a pic of them hanging dere, lookin' all fly.
I got my awesome package of goodies from Bunny yesterday :tongue: the post here in middle earth just grinds to a halt at this time of year (and it's slow at the best of times)

Miss EBFF it is fantastic. I feel very spoiled indeed :ponylove:

With the help of Whiskey we opened our christmassy box of goodness, I love the beautiful My Little Pony wrapping paper, it is just sssoooooo cute.

Thank you so much Miss Bunny for all the wonderful candy, the pretty christmas pencils, stickers, erasers & note pads. The wee ponies are just lovely & will fit into my wee schindler herd perfectly. The poopin reindeer is just too cute but I'm not too sure if the candy shot glass will last to long with Sharkbait. I love the ear rings too.

Your ornament is so beautiful Bunny, You must of put so much time into my wee sea pony she is so sweet
Thank you again Bunny for such a wonderful swap package :)




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