MLPTP Rules & Terms of Service

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Jun 6, 2005
MLPTP Rules & Terms of Service

Hello, and welcome to the My Little Pony Trading Post!

In order to make your forum experience as safe and enjoyable as possible, we have a few rules for our members to follow here at the MLPTP.

All forums on the MLPTP are actively moderated. Any post violating the board's rules may be subject to deletion, locking, or editing at the administration's discretion. Members found to be violating the rules may be banned.

To report a rule violation or concern please report posts, profile messages, or private messages by clicking on the "Report" link at the bottom of any post.

1. New Members: We prefer that all new members make their first post on the Introductions forum. We appreciate the opportunity to get to know you and would like to welcome you to our forum.​
  • Members must be 16 or older to join. If you are found to have been dishonest about your age in order to join, your account will be permanently banned and you will not be allowed to join again.
2. Posting:​
  • Keep posts on topic and relevant to the subject of the thread. Be sure to start threads in the proper forum. You are responsible for anything you post. To optimize the forum search function we may at times amend your thread title for clarity for the benefit of other members.

  • No profanity: Please do not try to "fool" the word filter.

  • The above also applies to usernames, which will be edited if they contain any disallowed words or are of an inappropriate nature.

  • No bullying: All members are expected to treat each other with respect. Threats will not be tolerated. Refrain from name-calling, ridiculing, and mean-spirited remarks. Our board celebrates global diversity, and members are expected to exercise tolerance. While we encourage and allow civil debate between members, insults and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Pointless or inflammatory statements will be looked upon as trolling and may result in account infractions or temporary or permanent banning from the forum. This forum is an LGBTQ+ safe space and hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • No images, videos, or links to any kind of violence, injury to people or animals, illegal activities, nudity, or other material inappropriate for this forum.

  • Keep all content and links on a G-rated level: Graphic or inappropriate topics are prohibited. Intentional posting of images or links to websites of a graphic or adult nature or containing adult content or language is grounds for an immediate banning.

  • Begging for, or asking for donations of either goods/services or cash is prohibited. If your cause is for a non-profit or charity, please contact a moderator for assistance.

  • Members are able to block any member whose private messages they may not wish to receive or public messages they may not wish to see. This can be accessed through your user control panel.

  • One account per user: If we discover your use of multiple accounts, it will result in an immediate permanent ban of all accounts. Honesty and trustworthiness are of utmost importance to our community.

  • Do not post asking members to message you or post on other websites or platforms.

  • No political posts, posts about pseudo-science, conspiracy theories, etc. These topics become heated far too easily, and the MLPTP is a place for safe and supportive interaction.

  • If you are unsure about posting something, contact a moderator first.

  • Sale posts that are over 3 months old may be locked to avoid being bumped back to the first page, as those items are likely no longer available. Sellers, please make new threads to keep your sales updated if several months have passed.

  • Member threads that were started more than 6 months ago may be locked so that threads no longer drag on for years. Please feel free to make a new and updated thread instead of bumping an old one.

3. Posting of live auction links is not permitted: unless you are the seller of said auction, then you may post your link in the auctions forum accordingly. Please respect the privacy of bidders and wait until auctions that are not yours have ended before posting direct links to the auction.​
4. No Spamming: Do not spam the boards. Additional thoughts should be added to your existing post, (please use the edit button) rather than in a following consecutive post, if other members have not yet replied. Please only bump threads when they have moved off Page 1. Multiple threads with the same theme, such as threads in the marketplace, may be merged into a single thread without warning by a moderator in order to ensure everyone's threads have a fair chance to be seen and to keep the boards tidy. Please make use of the Multi-Quote function to consolidate responses and make the thread easier for others to follow.​
5. Advertising and Links: Please do not post content and/or links solely for the purpose of directing members offsite or to competing sites. While we understand your eagerness to share resources for fellow collectors, the Trading Post does not allow link posting with the single purpose of requesting new members for other forums/boards or advertising of said forums. However, you may add a link to other sites in your signature as long as it follows our content stipulations: no sites that are not family friendly, for instance.​
In addition:​
  • You must not post links to sites offering get-rich-quick schemes or advertising with the intent to direct members elsewhere.

  • You should not post links to sites where remuneration is offered for referrals.

  • No MLM's (Multi-Level Marketing)
6. Hosting Swaps or Contests: Members who fit the following criteria are welcome to host swaps or contests (which involve the trading of goods or receiving of prizes) at the MLPTP:​
  • 6 Month of Active Membership at MLPTP.
  • Minimum 18 years old.
  • Minimum of 50 posts.
  • References from at least one of the following sources:
    • 5 individual MLPTP feedback
    • MLPTP feedback for 2 or more successful swaps
    • Outstanding ebay feedback (99% positive or higher)
  • If you don't have the necessary feedback, message a moderator to discuss if any exceptions can be made.
  • You must have no negative feedback on your MLPTP profile.
If you would like to host a swap or a contest, simply send a message to a moderator to explain your idea. You must keep in contact with a moderator throughout your swap or contest. You will be awarded positive feedback from a moderator for hosting a successful swap or contest. The MLPTP staff cannot be held responsible for any incidents stemming from member-hosted events.​
Members are welcome to host contests or art swaps at any time, without moderator permission, so long as no goods or money are involved.​
7. Raffles: Raffles may not be held at the MLPTP except for under very specific circumstances:​
  • Raffles may be held if they are completely FREE to enter, AND the organizer has contacted the moderators for approval.
  • Raffles may be held if they are for a recognized non-profit group, AND the organizer has contacted the moderators for approval.
Raffles which do not meet these criteria will be removed.​

8. Practice Netiquette Rules: Become familiar with and exercise proper netiquette. Do not type posts using all, or excessive amounts, of CAPS. Use standard sized fonts, and colors that are complimentary and easy to read. Avoid the use of net-speak. Remember that many members of the MLPTP do not speak English as their first language, please exercise consideration towards them.​
9. Retaliatory Feedback: All feedback must be posted honestly and with accuracy to the transaction at hand. If you have earned a negative or neutral feedback from another member, you may not give a negative or neutral in return simply out of spite or retaliation. Likewise, you may not post inaccurate neutral or negative feedback for any member under any circumstances. Accurate feedback is important to the safety of our members and our community.​
If a member is found to have posted retaliatory or spiteful feedback, that member may be suspended from the marketplace forums, have their account suspended, or be banned.​
If you have questions regarding leaving feedback, contact a moderator.​
10. Privacy: Please do not share your personal information anywhere on the forum. Posting any individual's real name, address, telephone number, or other sensitive personal information is grounds for immediate banning.​
11. Scamming: There is a zero-tolerance policy for scammers on the MLPTP. If you are found to be keeping funds or goods that do not rightfully belong to you, or engaging in a dishonest transaction of any kind or any activity that the administration feels may put the MLPTP's members at risk, your account may be permanently banned and if so, will be publicly reported for the safety of our members.​
Be sure to check out this helpful thread on how to spot a scammer:
12. Signature Guidelines are as Follows:​
13. Shoutbox Rules: All rules of the board apply to the Chatbox as well.​
14. Individual Subforum Rules: Please refer to the pinned posts at the top of each subforum for specific rules related to those subforums.​
Copyrights & Disclaimers:​
  • The MLPTP reserves the right to change the format, and style of its message boards at any time; for any reason.
  • The MLPTP is not to be held responsible for ANY false advertising or failed trades, sales, or purchases. Buy, Sell, or Trade at your own risk.
  • The MLPTP is not to be held responsible for ANY material posted on the message boards.
  • The views expressed by users on the MLPTP boards are not necessarily the views of the MLPTP owner, administrators, or moderators.
  • My Little Pony is a registered trademark of Hasbro. All rights reserved.
  • The pictures, logos, html, and style on the MLPTP page have been made with great care. Please respect our hard work, and do not use or modify any MLPTP property without express written permission from the administration.
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