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Festive FelizNavidad Pony
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Jan 3, 2006
Post your wishlists here for the 2018 Halloween swap :crystalball:


Turn Your Color Up!
Oct 6, 2013
I love every thing about Halloween don't mind Gore just no spider or bugs.
MY likes are
Halloween decoration
Cling for window
Cats black
Lights purple
Pumpkin not glittery
Spooky dolls
Five Nights At Freddy’
Stanley, from Twisted Ones

Circus Baby'
Likes: I like





FAVORITE color purple, black, silver, fall colors.

Paranormal stuff

Old Dolls

Raggedy Ann dolls

Old monster movies


Favorite movies are : Shape of Water , Labyrinth and Last Unicorn.

dream catchers

I love Halloween and Christmas

Mummies and Egyptian things


Beauty and the beast

MOnster High Cleo only




Socks fuzzy or soft
favorite candy is cherry suckers and reesies piece and chocolate

allergies: Latex Banana, Apples. scented lotion except honey suckle and cherry and nuts in candy

I don't like

the color yellow

Tinkerbell anything

bright colors beside Purple shades



I am a G4 and G4.5 collector I am ok with out of the box but please not smoking homes and no hilighter marks.
Fashion Style Snap on fashion Rainbow Dash
Land to sea fashion Fluttershy



Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree Crystal Gala Rarity
My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rarity Relaxing Beach Lounge Doll Playset


Rarity G4
FS Radiance
Sea pony Rarity large and Med plushy
Rarity in plastic purse
Rarity Carousal bouquet from movie
Rarity Carousal Bouquet Original.
Rarity puggle clip

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80s Glam Rock Pony
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Oct 18, 2017
So, I have thought long and hard about this wish list. I wanted to put together something with things that are easier to find. Maybe with a few not so easy finds. But in all things I’d love to see in a fun Halloween package. :Glowpump:

My desired condition is fairly wide. I don’t care if a pony is MIB or not. I obviously prefer if I don’t need to clean up or anything but am more lax for say G1 ponies. I would prefer ponies with no marker/pen/highlighter markings, no pony cancer, no bald ponies, no body parts missing (flutter wings okay obviously), prefer they come from non-smoking homes. Just mainly I would like them in display condition. Or worst case, easy fix to display.

I don’t have any allergies, thankfully. I dislike candy corn and marshmallow-y type treats. Oh! Tootsie rolls, hate them. I love Laffy Taffy, chocolates and gummy type candies.

I am a pony nerd but also love all things Disney. Anything and everything Stitch is also my jam. I am also well versed in everything Harry Potter. I have a small collection of HP books from all over the world. I love to draw so naturally any stationary type stuff I love. Stickers are always fun. I love Studio Ghibli films and related merch. I am a big coffee and loose leaf tea drinker. Ummm, yeah... I think that’s a wide array of ideas?

During Halloween, I love to binge watch a lot of horror movies. But then I will watch Hocus Pocus at least weekly as it is my all time favourite holiday movie. Hands down the best movie. I also like the Halloween Town movies as cheesy as they are. Lol

Anyways, here is my wishlist. Be forewarned it is long. I figured it gives a lot of options.

Pony Wishlist
- Bushwoolies
- Mommy Bouquet
- Moondancer
- Princess Sparkle
- So Soft Gusty
- So Soft Lickety Split
- So Soft Posey
- So Soft Wind Whistler
- Starshine
- Twinkle Eyed Galaxy
- 35th Anniversary Firefly (MIB preferably)
- 35th Anniversary Moondancer (MIB preferably)
- 35th Anniversary Glory (MIB preferably)
- 35th Anniversary Twilight (MIB preferably)

- Glitter Pinkie Pie (Pinkie Pie’s Boutique line)
- Pinkie Pie (Elements of Friendship single)

- Fluttershy (Shine Brite line)
- Fluttershy (Elements of Friendship single)
- Fluttershy (Pony Mania)
- Starlight Glimmer (Pearlized)
- Derpy (Collector Series: Fan collection 2)
- Sea Swirl (Pearlized)
- Sapphire Joy (Pearlized)
- Meadow Flower (Pearlized)
- Diamond Rose
- Honey Buzz
- Twist-A-Loo
- Applebloom
- Scootaloo (normal)
- Silver Spoon
- Diamond Tiara
- Holly Dash
- Princess Sterling


- All About: Starlight Glimmer
- All About: Lyra
- All About: Pinkie Pie (showing pose)
- All About: Fluttershy (standing pose)
- All About: Cherilee
- Shining Friends: Pinkie Pie
- Shining Friends: Fluttershy
- Flash Feather (baby hippogryph) ***
- Flutter Cloud (baby hippogryph) ***
- Sandbar (pony student) ***
- Silverstream (Hippogryph) ***
- Haven Bay (Seapony) ***
- Friendship Festival: Princess Parade
- Spitfire
- Maud Pie
- Big Macintosh
- Derpy
- Coco Pommel
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Festive FelizNavidad Pony
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Jan 3, 2006

I'm not too picky, no major hair cuts, or really bad marks, no chewed on or missing limbs LOL! But little flaws or marks and such don't bother me. I know I've got some pricier ponies on my list, it's just the natural way since I'm close to finishing the US collection but I am totally happy with accessories!

I like cooking/baking and decorating for the holidays. I love Snoopy/Peanuts, Eeyore, Garfield and I also collect Charming Tails. I have a dachshund, Frank who is my fur-baby :) so I tend to collect dachshund stuff too. I also like mice but not Mickey, nothing against good 'ol Mickey but I just like cute mice stuff. I like fun socks and jewelry, particularly earrings.
As far as Halloween stuff goes I like cute Halloween themed stuff, I'm not really into the gross/gory stuff. I like it all, bats, pumpkins, witches, ghosts...I get into all the holidays and love this time of year!

None! I am trying to diet though, so little or no treats is ok with me. If you find you can't resist, I like chocolate, peanut butter and toffee and since it's that time of year, of course pumpkin too! If you're international, I do love trying new things from different countries.


So Soft Pony, So hard to clean
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Sep 24, 2012
Like Gingerbread, I'm getting close to finishing a couple of my collections, too... so some ponies on my wishlists here may be a bit over the price limit. (I took the average price listed on Blue Rose's page for the G1s, and I'm not up-to-date on G3 or G4 prices). If they are over the limit, please ignore them. ^_^;

For flaws, I don't want any haircuts, or major marks (pen/highlighter/sharpie, etc), no smooze/mold/pony cancer if it can be avoided... or chewed or missing limbs. (lol) Minor flaws or spots/marks/dirt are okay, because I always give my ponies a spa day whenever they arrive at their new home. :)

For non-pony likes, I love collecting Disney pins :) (almost any pin, really). I also like Ducktales and Darkwing Duck, One Piece, Final Fantasies 6 & 7, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Legend of Zelda, Back to the Future, the Neverending Story, and the Last Unicorn. Of slightly smaller interests are Tale Spin, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, Pokemon (love all the Eeveelutions, Vulpix, and Litten especially), Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, Kingdom Hearts, and Mario (mostly Mario, Luigi and Toad, but the others are fine, too). I like cute little earrings, and comfy socks. I love plain and simple milk chocolate, and candies (no nuts/peanut butter/marshmallow/licorice). No food allergies, just a preference.

For Halloween stuff, I'm not too big on gross/gory/scary stuff. I like Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters... light-hearted, fun and cute stuff like that. Witches, cats, bats, skeletons, ghosts, pumpkins + jack-o-lanterns are all good. No spiders or bugs tho, please.

And the pony wishlists:
G1 wishes.png G3 wishes.png G4 wishes.png

ETA: Ignore/cancel the G4 "magical scenes" Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash & Rarity"
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Little Pretty Kitty
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Aug 5, 2011
G1 Wishlisht:
  • Baby Northstar (FT or Sparkle)
  • January Carnation
  • Baby Rainfeather
  • Baby Rainribbon
  • Baby Sweetstuff
  • Baby Doodles
  • Glittering Gem
  • SS Hippity Hop
  • Locket
  • Stardancer (store or MO)
  • Baby Sticky
  • Twilight
  • Teeny Tiny Sniffles
  • Teeny Tiny Snookums
(I used the Bluerose price guide on these, so if they're currently out of price range, please do let me know.)

G4.5 Wishlist:
  • Cutie Mark Crew Blindboxes (I'll even provide the numbers on the bottoms of the ones I have so hopefully no duplicates if my partner wants to go that route)
Flaws I'm Cool With: Slight haircuts, marks on bottoms of hooves, small marks on legs, regrind, mild smells (e.g. perfume)

Flaws I'm Not Cool With: Severe haircuts, cancer, big old marks/ scratches/ bite marks, really bad smells, severe eye/ symbol rub

What you should know about me: I have type 2 diabetes, so sugar free candy only please. I love chocolate, toffee, marshmallow, and peanut butter. Do not like grape or coffee flavors. If sugar free candy is hard to find, you can always send my cat some cat treats, she's not picky at all.

What I love about Halloween: black cats!!!!!, witches, ghosts, skeletons (I'm a sucker for skeleton memes and jokes), bats, owls, graveyards, spooky and/or spoopy things. I love jewelry and decorations, and socks too. Not too much I really don't like, maybe don't send a bunch of live centipedes though.

Other fun stuff: I love cats and opossums!!!! Squids and octopi are also favorites of mine. I like Pokemon, Attack on Titan, Glitter Force, Hello Kitty and all the other Sanrio characters, Pusheen, Star Wars (especially Porgs), fun stuff for my dolls (Barbie, MH, Pullip, etc.), forest animals (raccoons, foxes, etc.), Legos/Playmobil, fun pens, and candles/incense (I like flower scents the best).


Flat Foot Peachy
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Aug 16, 2014
Here is my pony wish list :catpumpkin:

G1 Ponies:
So soft Truly
So soft Taffy
So so Skippety Doo
So soft Sundance
TWE Whizzer
TWE Sweet Pop
TWE Gingerbread
TAF Love Melody
Sweet Lily
Blueberry Baskets
Confetti (US version)

35th Anniversary ponies ~ Cotton Candy, Snuzzle, Glory, Twilight or Moondancer


Acceptable Flaws:
I don't mind some imperfections as long as the symbol and eyes are good, small rubs are ok. Small hair trims and marks to bottom of feet are ok too

Unacceptable Flaws:
I prefer ponies without cancer, major pen marks and major hair cuts. I'm not keen on regrind but a couple of small spots are acceptable.

I prefer the cutsie side of halloween - black cats, cute ghosts, pumpkins etc. I don't like gore and blood or zombies. I am a fan of Nightmare before Christmas especially Jack Skelletington

My likes:
I am a big fan of Peanuts ~ Snoopy in particular. I also love disney stuff, Disney Characters I particularly like are Winnie the Pooh and friends, Aristocats, Minnie and Mickey. Anything Disney Halloween related would be awesome
I also like Pusheen

I like stickers, stationary items such as pens, pencils, erasers, notepads, post its, washi tape or fridge magnets.

Socks are good also - I have medium sized feet!

I would be happy with some halloween decorations - I love decorating with my son for Halloween or something to put on or in the window would be cool. Halloween themed kitchen items would be welcome, such as cookie cutters, tea towel, cupcake decorations

Favourite animals: cats, owls and rabbits. We have 2 cats ~ Sunny and Marshmallow

My favourite scents are autumn and winter scents such as cinnamon, spice, cranberry. I also like fruity smells. I like liquid soaps, shower gels, body lotion

Chocolate - I like milk and white chocolate. Chocolate with caramel, marshmallow, nuts all good! I don't like coconut, marzipan, Turkish delight, peanut butter

Sweets - I like gummy sweets. I love laffy taffy. I don't like black liquorice

Chips - I love Cheetos, cheese and the jalepeno and cheese flavour.

Drinks - I like drinking coffee and hot cocoa especially topped with marshmallows! I don't drink tea!

I don't have any allergies
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Pied Piper of Ponies
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Jan 20, 2018
Ok, I'm clearly the easiest, because my list is extensive. Halloween is my favourite time of year. I love costumes, dressing up and CANDY. Jack Skellington is super cool. I love spooky, creepy gory. It's all awesome. My favourite candy is Red or Black Licorice, Wine Gums. I have no allergies, unless you’re planning on sending me a tree or ragweed. Please no ragweed. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate and I don't like anything coffee, but I love Coffee Crisp chocolate bars, which makes no sense at all.

I’m gonna post my whole G1 wishist. It’s long, but tons of options. I’m not super picky, but I would prefer ponies with no marker/pen/highlighter markings, no pony cancer, no bald ponies, no major haircuts, prefer they come from non-smoking homes. I have almost no accessories, so I'd love anything. Oh, and just recently became a fan of G1 pony clothes. I'm get excited very easily and I'm a super grateful person, so I'll love getting anything really.

In addition to the ridiculous amount of pony options I also like many nerdy things:

Emily the Strange

Star Wars

Star Trek

Stranger Things

Monster High Dolls (don’t have any, but love them)

G1 Ponies still needed

Year 1

1. FF Blossom

2. FF Cotton Candy

3. FF Snuzzle

Year 2

4. CF Blue Belle

5. Brandy the pup

Sealight’s shell

Year 3

6. Curly hair Apple Jack

7. Curly hair Bowtie

8. Trickles Rainbow pony

9. Seabreeze and shell

10.High Tide and shell

White Cap’s shell

11.Wave Jumper and shell

12.Sea Mist and shell

Sand Dollar’s shell


14.Sea Star

15.Tiny Bubbles

16.Sea Shimmer

Year 4

17.BBE Baby Shady

18.BBE Baby Halfnote

19.BBE Baby Tiddywinks

20.BBE Baby Cuddles

21.Snowball puppy

22.Celebrate from party pack

23.All 6 McDonald’s Collector charms

Year 5

24.Friendly (blue) bushwoolie

25.Eager (dark pink)

26.Cheery (pink)

27.BB Slugger

28.Wavy and float

29.Surfy and float

30.Sea spray and float

31.Dipper and Float

32.Sea breeze and float

33.Salty and float

34.SS Crumpet

35.SS Bangles

36.Newborn twin Rattles

37.Pillow Talk

38.Pink Dreams

39.Night Cap

40.Sleepy head


42.Sweet Dreams


44.TAF Sweet Tooth

Year 6

45.Coco Berry

All mommy charms

47.TAF Munchy

48.BNG Twisty tail

49.Princess Sunbeam

50.Princess Misty

51.Princess Taffeta

52.Princess moondust

53.Princess Dawn

54.Newborn twins speckles,



57.HT Squeezer




61.Tall Tales

62.Baby Graffiti

63.MM Cloud Dreamer


65.Watercolour sea ponies Foamy and float

66.Misty and float

67.Sealight and float

68.Wave Dancers and float

69.Seawinkle and float

70.SW Lady Flutter

71.Buzzer no wings

72.SweetBerry Boysenberry Pie

73.Raspberry Jam

74.Cranberry Muffins


76.Cha Cha

77.Cat nip

Year 7

78.MGR Tassles

79.Diamond Dreams

80.CC Caramel Crunch


82.Lemon Treats

83.Sunshine Mainsail

84.Beach Ball

85.Sea Flower

86.TAF Megan

87.Fancy pants Baby Bows

88.Baby Glider

89.Baby Starburst

90.Dance and prance Twirler



93.Tap Dancer


95.Mom Bright Bouquet

96.Baby Bright Bouquet

97.Daddy Sweet Celebrations

98.WW Whirly

99.Cool Breeze

100. Flurry

101. Moon Jumper

102. Starry Wings

103. Playtime brothers Leaper

104. Racer

105. Sparkle pony Twinkler

106. Baby Stripes

107. Baby Nectar

108. Baby Lucky Leaf

109. Baby Leafy

110. Baby Pockets

111. Baby Hoppy

112. SHS Flowerburst

113. Frilly Flower

Year 8

114. Drink and wet Snookums

115. Cuddles

116. SHS Sweet Sundrop

117. Cha cha

118. Daisy Dancer

119. Twinkler

Year 9

120. Flower Dream

121. Garden glow

122. Precious pocket Sweet pocket

123. Bunny Hop

124. Pretty beat

125. Half Note

126. Baby Brightbow

127. Baby Sunribbon

128. Baby Toe Dancer

129. Secret Surprise Secret Star

130. Secret Beauty

131. Pretty Puff

132. Teeny Tiny Little tabby

133. Little Whiskers

134. Pink Princess pony

Year 10

135. Colourswirl Lovebeam

136. Springy

137. Starswirl

138. Paradise baby Beach ball

139. Pineapple

140. Sundazzle Sunbeam

141. Sunsplasher

142. Sunglory

143. Teeny Tiny Rattles

144. Tattles

145. Bootsie

146. Tootsie

147. Sniffles

148. Snookums

149. Purple sweet talkin

150. Lovin’ kisses

151. Flower Fantasy sweet blossom

152. Flowerbelle

153. Fancy mermaid pearly

154. Sea princess

155. Sea Shimmer

Any G1 accessories or clothing, combs.

International Ponies needed

Activity Club Baby Ponies

Baby Ponies (First Edition)

Any UK baby pony

Tutti Frutti



Any Dragon that came with Princess ponies



Ice Crystal




Non so soft Wind Whistler, Gusty, Shady, Magic Star

Sea Ponies

Surf Dancer with Shell

Wave Breaker with Shell

Sea Spray with Shell

Playschool Baby Ponies

Schooltime Ponies

Starlight Baby Ponies (except Baby Mischief)

Cookery Ponies

Good Weather

Romance Ponies Love Letter

35th Anniversary Firefly (MIB preferably)

- 35th Anniversary Moondancer (MIB preferably)

- 35th Anniversary Glory (MIB preferably)

- 35th Anniversary Twilight (MIB preferably)


Fraser, your wolf just ate my jelly doughnut!
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Feb 5, 2012

Acceptable flaws:
Hair trims
Marks on the bottoms of hooves
Fading (slight)
I'm not really too picky... as long as she displays nicely, I'm good.

Unacceptable flaws:
Marks on the body
Missing body parts
Hard body (Plasticizer loss)

G1 and G3 are okay not to be MIB. G4 MIB is preferred, but not mandatory.

If I see G1 merchandise in the store, it comes home with ;-)

***I'm still looking for the new scented retro Windy... I can't find her anyplace.***

Extra Information:

I love to work on the computer, take photos, draw and write stories
I have 3 cats and a small dog (chihuahua) - They all love cat treats, even the dog LOL
My favorite colors are orange and blue
Favorite animals: Cats, dogs, horses, owls and cardinals
I love reusable items - containers, especially
I love trinkets, and collect Ladybugs/Lovebugs and Maneki Neko (Lucky) Cats
I *LOVE* Mountain Dew and crunchy regular cheetos

Other fandom loves:
Doctor Who
Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World (more specifically Chris Pratt)
Mickey Mouse
Fast and Furious (Especially Brian O'Conner/Paul Walker)

Scents I like:

Pearson's Salted Nut Rolls
Chocolate / peanut butter cups
Chocolate covered cherries
Candy canes, especially the soft kind
Corn Chips
Hot Chocolate, especially peppermint flavored!
I got into Kinder Joys this year... the tiny toys go on my computer at my new job, and I love the frosting and wafers on the other side of the egg.

Holiday Likes:
I love all things Halloween except zombies.
My favorite is black cats.

Not big on perfume
Vanilla scent
Sticky candy (Like taffy...I try to stay away from it because of my dental work)
Tea of any kind


Thanks to doing some pony-related work for MustBeJewel, I'm starting a Derpy army. Anything you can find to add outside of the Wal-Mart stuffed toy, the small brushable and the Stuff Happens sticker is very welcomed by me!!!!
Anything you can find with Discord is also welcomed by me... I just LOVE him.
Paradise is my favorite G1 pony

I think that's it... :)