MLPTP's Winter Sock Swap Wishlists

CJ Thimble Bright

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Apr 9, 2010
MLPTP Winter Sock Swap Wishlists

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This is the place to post your wishlist for the sock swap! Give some ideas for your partner about what your interests are, things you might collect, favorite colors, favorite styles of socks (or ones you dislike), you know the drill! And don't forget to mention any allergies we should be aware of!
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Jun 10, 2020
I wear a size 8.5 shoe.
I love the G1 style of art.
Fave pony is Firefly.

I love owls and Giraffes, also Into Star Wars, fairies, dragons, fantasy, skulls, Harry Potter, The Nightmare Before Christmas. I like magnets especially Halloween theme.

Fave color is purple (deep), grey and black

I like no show socks / ankle socks / high socks if they have good stretch (I have thick calves)
No pom poms or tassels.
No toe socks please.
My feet stay cold so warm socks are nice too.

I am trying to regain my low carb life back but I do like gummies and chocolate and peanut butter. I like the idea of trying New stuff we may not have around here.
HATE licorice, banana or watermelon flavors.
No allergies.
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Dec 26, 2015
My favorite color is purple, purple, and more purple. I also like green, blue, and grey. I do tend towards darker colors. Please no toe socks. I don't wear knee socks often or no shows, but I love them all. My favorite are fuzzy ankle socks. Ponies (g1 is my favorite), horses, schipperkes, Harry potter, owls, bats, sloths, ballet, stripes, polka dots, etc... I'm not a huge fan of unicorn horns on other animals. The only thing that I try to stay away from with socks is when they have pompoms or tassels. It makes them less wearable as my dog would love to play. My main wishlist is in my signature with my Amazon wishlist, too, if you need any ideas. I'm on a low carb, kidney friendly diet, so prefer some pens, a keychain from your town, ballet figurines, or any small horse figurines. I have a bronze rocking horse, beeswax horses, carousel figurines, little breyer blind bags, etc.

For E, she likes pink, black, dark purple, and grey, loves puppies, Harry potter, mha, fnaf, among us, minecraft, Lego, undertale, squishmellows, and eevee, eevee, eevee, plus all the eeveloutions. Her favorite socks are ankle socks and fuzzy is the way to go! Lately she's taking my socks, so no kids socks please. Also no knee, toe, or anything dangling, socks She loves cotton candy. All sweet, no sour. No licorice. She also loves little blind bags of most anything. Her Amazon wishlist is in my wishlist, too. The link is in my signature.
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Oct 18, 2017
Skybreeze's Sock Swap Wishlist:

Sock Preferences
I have a love/hate relationship with socks. I would much rather be barefoot or wearing slippers over socks (I belong in a climate that I can wear sandals all year). BUT when I do wear socks I prefer the following.
- ankle/low/no show socks
- prefer thin sock (basically I don't like thick sweat sock types)
- prefer patterns and/or character socks (literally all my socks have something fun on them)
- punny socks are up my ally, if a sock's got jokes I'm about it
- slipper socks are my jam as well
- please no "extras" on socks (pompoms/hair/ears/things that are annoying when wearing lol)

Fun Things I like
- MLP (obviously, hard preference on G1 and Pinkie/Fluttershy)
- Disney (Stitch, Donald Duck, Duck Tails, Chip & Dale, DISNEY DOGS)
- Harry Potter (I am Hufflepuff and I love Nifflers)
- Pug & Shih Tzu are my favourite dog breeds - but I love all dogs
- Red Pandas, Donkies & Llama's are among my favourite animals
- My wardrobe has a lot of fan service and brighter colours (lots of pink)
- I love stickers and stationary, especially vintage things
- Snack department I have new dietary restrictions, so no food please

- I can however enjoy tea and coffee and love it
- I also love homemade things, they make me happy

Okay, I think that's everything for me. If you have any questions feel free to ask via @CJ Thimble Bright. Otherwise I am excited for this little swap and can't wait to get shopping for my partner.

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CJ Thimble Bright

Dancing in a room by myself
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Apr 9, 2010
Oh man! Looks like I'm behind in getting up my list! Haha

The Sock Stuff:
I love socks! The house i now live in is half tile flooring and it gets cold... Thick and cozy are my go-tos. Socks that stay put are also preferred - I can't stand having to constantly readjust the fit of a sock to my foot.
  • Please no toe socks
  • Please no fuzzy socks
  • Any style but no-show is fine
  • Christmas socks are my favorite, but of course those maybe difficult to find at the moment
  • Fun colors, patterns and styles are great
  • No pompoms, hair, or other dangly things that will cause the kitten of the house to attack
Other Things to Know:
  • I love animals - birds and cats especially. But any cute critter gets a thumbs up from me.
  • Favorite color is purple, followed by emerald green and blue (I was probably a peacock in a former life)
  • G1 MLP is great, otherwise Applejack and Moondancer in other generations is acceptable.
  • Coffee is required to get through my day. I brew with a pour overmethod, so no pods, just real beans or grounds. I'm always looking for a delicious cup 'o Joe, or a fun new flavor.
  • I like chocolate, gummies, peanut butter, pretzels, and most nuts.
  • No allergies
  • I love to craft and make things. I sew, embelish tutus and make ballet headpieces, cross stitch, stitch plastic canvas, card craft, make ornaments of various kinds. I just started learning to knit (I've successfully followed a pattern for 2 different sized squares!), and am about to learn to embroider. (And I think I need to consider crochet next...) So anything in the crafty department would be appreciated and used.
  • I always appreciate handmade things and wouldn't balk at handmade tasty treats either.
  • I also enjoy geographically novel things. If there is something your hometown/state/country is known for, I would love to try it/see it/whatever. Or even a fun magnet for my fridge
I think that should be plenty to get you going, partner. But do ask if there are questions.


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Jun 7, 2005
Sorry guys, I have been cleaning out my house to prepare for an (eventual) renovation, hopefully later this year. Here's my list:

I wear a 6.5 size shoe.
I love ankle socks/slightly above ankle. I usually wear white athletic ankle socks because they're easy to throw in with the white laundry, but if you find something fun, go for it!
I love bed socks - my feet get cold at night even in the summer, so bring 'em on. I love fun colors to wake up to in the morning. :)
Please no knee highs.
Please no dangly things on the socks. Cats LOVE them.

I'm a blue and pink girl, but I totally love pastels, and rainbow-y stuff. I'm open to anything except blinding neons and traffic cone orange. :)

Things I'm interested in: (other than MLP!)
My main hobby for the last 10+ years has been knitting, mainly because it was an easy hobby to take with me on my commute to/from work. I do not expect anyone to get me yarn. I have plenty! But it's probably a good reason as to why I fall in love with pastel colored items on sight. :p

My favorite football team is the Baltimore Ravens (purple/black/gold), and will wear it to support my team, even though I look horrible in it. :p

I love cats, and have 3.

Food and snacks:
No allergies. I love milk chocolate, caramel, gummy bears, coconut and peanut butter flavors. I love hot chocolate in the winter, especially with peppermint added in. I'm a huge chocolate chip/oreo/biscotti cookie fan. I do drink tea, English and Irish Breakfast Tea and Lady Earl Grey.

Dislike: white chocolate, and marzipan. I can't have anything too chewy due to my TMJ (jaw hinge issues), so things like gum and Laffy Taffy are sadly off the list.

I'm braindead right now. If you need more information or clarification, please ask @CJ Thimble Bright to contact me. :)