MLPTP EVENT OoOoO Something is coming ...


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Oct 18, 2017
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Breaking news coming to us from Equestria!

It seems that a darkness is once again spreading all across our worlds and is quickly approaching Ponyland. It appears that the witch Hydia and her daughters Draggle and Reeka are not taking ownership of this new threat. Ahgg has been accounted for and is visiting Fluttershy's animal sanctuary where he is turning over a new leaf and helping care for critters. (That Fluttershy sure does have a talent for reforming evil beings.)

Speaking of reformed villains of pony history, both Discord and Catrina have made amends and are helping in the search to discover what is coming.

Stay tuned as we will update on our next report on September 18, 2021.

Until then ponies & friends, stay
safe and be ever alert.

Meanwhile in the streets of Manehatten....