Pony Life: Trixie and Potion Nova


Feb 8, 2020

I recently picked up Trixie and Potion Nova and....
I love them.
Unpopular opinion, I know. But it's really a matter of preference, I suppose.
Everyone is saying that they look too much like Littlest Pet Shops, which Is honestly pretty fair. I think I like them more than most people because I used to be a hardcore LPS fan, so I appreciate the look. It sort of reminds me of G3.5, just done correctly, while still seeming modern.

The hair is the biggest improvement in quality. It's much better than anything we've gotten from Hasbro for the last few years.
I only had to brush them before putting in the ponytails. Potion Nova's hair is longer and straighter than anything I've seen on a regular sized G4 before.
More than anything I'm happy about the accessories. I know people are mad that Hasbro is advertising rubber bands as accessories, and I am too. It does still feel, to me, that this is the first step in the right direction Hasbro has taken in a while, and really getting back into what Ponies were about from the very beginning up until a few years into G4. Getting to brush your pony's hair and put it up into cute hairstyles, put them in clothes, and add accessories. That's not all MLP is about, but it's a huge part of it, and no matter how....cosmetically appealing, everyone thinks they are, I believe it's a good start.
Anyways, I'd like to hear what everyone thinks about them, though from what I've seen about Pony Life on here before, I can guess the general consensus......

Nightmare Muffin

Princess Rinse 'N Spit
Aug 1, 2017
I absolutely adore Nova! She’s adorable! I worry about whether the screen printed eyes will age well, though. I also dislike getting rubber bands advertised as “accessories”, but I just hope this won’t be a common thing in later lines or waves of PL.

I like that the hair quality is on point (except for what I have seen others review of Pinkie Pie). I really don’t like the smaller size of the ponies, or the cat-like features, but I can forgive that, knowing that the designs won’t be around for very long- at least until g5 comes around.