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Jan 3, 2006
Once accepted into the swap please post your wishlists ASAP so Santas can set their elves to work right away on a great gift for you! Remember, requirements are....
  • Wishlists need to be for at least 15 ponies (or more), or at least close if you can only think of, say 12. Please be sure to list those ponies that fit within the price bracket. If you wish to price check please post in discussion.
  • Then list other things you're interested in.
  • Let us know which flaws are totally unacceptable to you.
  • Let us know which flaws are ok with you.
  • Let us know if you are a G3/G4 mint in box collector.
  • List any allergies you might have, as well as your likes or dislikes. Since sending extras is part of this, you want to make sure you receive something you will thoroughly enjoy.
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Oct 18, 2017

Skybreeze’s Christmas Wishes Are Here.

Acceptable Flaws: Anything that is easily fixable (for G1). G4 I prefer mib or in euc. (See wishlist for more details)

Unacceptable Flaws: Please no drastic hair cuts, cancer, non-fixable marks (marker/highlighter/regrind etc), no chew/bites/holes/missing appendages, no weird smells (smoke/mold/cat pee)... basically if it’s not an “easy fix” to display I’d say pass on it.

Food Things: I am pretty basic and love all things pumpkin spice and chocolate (milk and white). Yeah, I'm that girl. I also enjoy gummies and Oreos (anything with Oreo in it) of all flavours. In the colder months I love to curl up with a good book and tea. I am also obsessed with coffee. I have no food allergies so no troubles there. I do not like mint flavoured chocolates/candies, cream eggs, black licorice.

Christmas likes: I love ornaments, hand made or not. I collect Hallmark ornaments for my tree’s and love Disney & MLP for my “childhood” tree. l love old school tv specials, the claymation ones are faves but my all time favourite never miss it is Mickey’s Christmas Carol. I am a fan of cozy things, slippers, socks & blankets are always good for me. I love a good Christmas markets with home made goods and the smells of the season.

Other Interests: I also am a Disney lover of all sorts, but I love Stitch. I love anything Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts! I also love Shih Tzu or Pug related things. Stationary things like notes books, pens, stickers, things I can use at work. Crafty things I can use for pony fixing like new hair, acrylic paints, extra fine glitter, tinsel are all great things. Ummm basically I’m a bit of a nerd for all things animation and cute. Obviously I love any MLP merch.

My favourite ponies: Shady (G1), Lickety Split (G1), Surprise (G1), Wind Whistler (G1), Pinkie Pie (G4), Fluttershy (G4), Starlight Glimmer (G4), Sunburst (G1&4) & Spike is the best!!

Favourite Colours: Teal & Pink

Okay! I think that covers everything. If my swap partner has questions about anything, please contact another mod and they can relay your message.
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Dec 26, 2015
Hi! Here's my full wishlist if you'd like it.

My family is just my daughter, dog, and I. We love ornaments, lights, chocolate, and opening little things. My pup just loves the toys and treats, he doesn't understand the ponies. We love snuggling all together under the same blanket to watch anime, play video games, or just do our own things while together. My girl is in this with me, so any ss ponies off her list certainly count. Please don’t feel like you need to send any extra for her or my pup. We’re a package deal and have no trouble sharing.

My most desired pony right now is mo sparkle pony twinkler or just sparkle pony twinkler.
A little about condition. I like pretty ponies. Haircuts, cancer, chewing marks, marker except on bottoms of hooves, major symbol rubs, pin dot, missing eye gems, and head/body mismatch aren't my cup of tea. A little frizz, dirt, scuffs, and light rubs are ok. Also marker on the bottom of the hooves. They just show the pony was well loved.
I Love g1's first and foremost. G2 babies are too cute. We do have some mib/moc g3 and g4. The g4 are really my daughter's, but she lets me play with them. I'm not an accessory collector, so no worries there.

I love purple customs, my girl loves sparkly magenta customs, we love customs, and the HQG1C ponies. I also love both maple and her baby. (I'm lucky enough to have a pin)
I’m always happy for more beautiful blossoms for my collection or blossom merchandise. Brandy, mo spike, and any other dragons are much desired.

My daughter likes the so soft ponies, especially pink hair ones.
ss heart throb *major want
ss scrumptious
ss skippety doo
ss wind whistler *pink hair
ss twist
ss taffy *major want
she likes thick flocking and does not mind repinked hair
For me!
35th anniversary seashell
Rainbow curl ponies (all except raincurl)
Spring song
Ember with star
Princess misty
High flyer
Twinkler (sparkle pony)
Mo twinkler (sparkle pony)
Yo-yo (pink hair)
Baby rainribbon
BNG ringlets
TE skyrocket
TE whizzer (bright pink body)
MO spike the dragon
SS twist
Twilight (pink hair)
Love story
Baby alphabet
Baby Katie *major want
Baby Suzy
Baby Billie
All nirvana ponies I expect to be in poorer condition than the above. I don't mind restored ones. Super short cut hair, more than 1-3 little cancer spots, or irremovable marker on the body. Hair trims, minimal highlighter, or light symbol rubs are ok.
Love melody
Blossom (4 variants, I have purple on purple, major want: #4 magenta, purple hair)
Blossom (5 variants)
Baby blossom
Princess silver swirl
Princess silver rain
Prince clever clover
hip holly
*Babies only
Baby Swirly
Baby Petal
Sunny and Sunshine
Play and Study
Super long hair
Mib dream blue *upgrade*
Mib aloha pearl (comes with baby)
Mib petal blossom
Mib royal beauty *upgrade*
Mib silver lining *upgrade*
Any junko mizuno, Comic-Con, or art g3 ponies, preferably loose yet complete clothing if they have it.
G4 brushable *preferably loose, accessories aren’t needed.
Rainbow flash
Sweetie swirl
Buttonbelle (friendship flutters)
Octavia melody
Ploomette (non glimmer wings release)
Skywishes (not cmm release)
Starbeam twinkle
Silver spoon
Diamond dazzle tiara *upgrade*
Flurry heart
Spike nightmare night story pack
Chinese New year pinkie pie *Mib or loose is ok*
( <3 spike) Any spike. There is a sitting one in particular I don't have.

I'm not big on merch, but "my little obsession" is on my list, with all the g1 and g3 dvds.
Also mugs, shirts, pajamas, totes, ornaments, blankets, keychain (always), and magnets.

Here's the amazon list for my pup and I for more ideas.
My sweet girl has her own list.
Other information on our desired non-pony items

-Monster high season two minis
Fruit ghouls: draculaura
Sporty: Draculaura
Small decorative, boxes, horse/carousel/pony figurines, bowls, buttons, old glass bottles without labels, tins, keychains, and anything schipperke related. My daughter is collecting with me and she likes, eevee the pokemon, erasers, colored pencils, emojis, semi-precious stones, and puppies, puppies, puppies. Oh, and we both like socks! (She's in adult shoes!) We both adore Harry Potter, I'm a ravenclaw and she's a gryffindor. She's a ladies s. I usually by men's shirts and hoodies as I have broad shoulders, I prefer loose so xxl.

We like anime; soul eater, my hero academia fairy tail, hunter x hunter, kill a kill, pokemon, naruto, inuYasha, wakfu, ouran host club, cells at work, the nura clan, maid sama, blue exorcist, seven deadly sins, Angel beats, saiki k, sword art online, avatar, bleach, magi, gun gale online, miraculous ladybug, minecraft, undertale, Mario, kirby.

-Our favourite colors
Purple, purple, purple, dark green, butter yellow (think pansies). My daughter loves pink (hot or magenta), black, violet, red, and sparkle.
-I always can use
Key chains, magnets, notebooks, stickers, national monument posters or other art (I like key chains and magnets of local landmarks, too), gel pens, adult coloring books, decorative pins.
We both have a sweet tooth and love goodies. I'm always willing and eager to try something delicious from outside the U.S. My girl doesn't like mint, but between us we demolish all goodies in short time. The only goodies I don't like are sour, black licorice, anything coffee even a tiny bit, and cilantro. I also can no longer eat nuts, peanuts, or caramel.
-Scents I do like
Lilac, almond, honey, light vanilla, gardenia, peony, sweet elisia, and honeysuckle. Any of them too strong or with a chemical background are a no. Not much into incense or other scents
Plastics (prolonged exposure), lotions, scents with any chemical, oils, perfumes, and most jewelry.
*I don't use
Perfumes, lotions, lip gloss, make-up of any sort, jewelry (except pins which I collect, but don't wear).
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Jan 18, 2006
General pony wishlist here: http://www.mlptp.net/index.php?threads/tsukis-wish-list-in-progress.72081/

G1's- Small rubs, marks, etc are ok. Ponies with great bodies but bad hair; I don't mind rehairs as long as it's in the original color & style. I don't mind ponies thst have had restoration work as long as it looks pretty close to factory. If the pony is on the pricey side I'm a little more lenient on that stuff.

G3's- preferred MIP or mint with accessories. I hate trying to color match the 50 different shades of pink brushes. >_<
Just ignore anything over the limit. ;) I also adore seasonal customs if you're of the mind to do one; I usually pull all my customs out & do a little display for the holiday. Anything handmade would be awesome; I'm crafty myself & love seeing & collecting a variety of goodies.

I live in the great white north; so we always have plenty of snow around the holidays. I love how the fresh snow glitters on the trees.

Christmasy stuff: My winter/ Christmas stuff tends to lean toward natural themes: lots if fuzzy woodland creatures, pinecones, flannel/checked patterns. Though there are a couple of unicorns thrown in. I love getting new ornaments for my tree; and there's nothing better than curling up under a fuzzy blanket with a cup of cocoa & a book or crochet project. Not a big fan of Santa; nothing against the fat man but I just find him a little creepy.

Sweet treats: my only non-likes are black licorice & coffee. I'm a sucker for fancy cocoa; & any chocolate with nuts or carmel. Also; homemade Christmas cookies/snacks are devine! I have no allergies so no worries there. If there is something that your area is know for/not common elsewhere I love trying new things!

I do have a dog, & 2 cats that love treats/little toys if you don't mind shopping for critters. But Barrett (pit) likes to destroy his toys so I tend not to buy him anything too cute I might get attached too. :p I also have 3 ducks & a goose, & collect appropriately themed nicknacks.
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Sep 24, 2012
CHRISTMAS STUFF: I looooove Christmas! :D Almost everything Christmas! I love snowflakes, reindeer, Santa, snowmen, Christmas trees, cute ornaments, penguins + polar bears... (and cute cats/kittens, too. :3) Pretty much anything Christmas-y. ^___^ I tend more towards rustic/woodland + natural sort of aesthetics (if that makes sense?) For treats, I have no allergies. I love sugar candy and milk chocolate (but I don't like nuts or peanut butter with it). I'm not fond of licorice, either. I like baking sugar cookies, so some cute Christmas cookie cutters would be nice. I'd also enjoy cute Christmas socks (I'm about a size 7-8 ladies (I think)). For scents, if you're thinking of anything like candles or body wash/soaps/etc, I love pine & cedar scents. I like crafting (arts + crafts), and am learning how to crochet.

FANDOM STUFF: I love Disney, especially the Disney ducks (Donald, Scrooge, Ducktales & Darkwing Duck). I also like One Piece (Sanji + Zoro), Transformers G1 (Autobots forever!), Zelda & Mario, Star Trek, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Final Fantasies 6 (Locke) & 7 (Vincent + Cid are faves, but I like Cloud, Tifa + Aerith too), Chrono Trigger... stop me or else I'll go on forever. XD I collect pins, mostly Disney & Olympic pins (but really anything goes!). I also like fandom embroidered patches (iron-or-sew on - I put them on my luggage!) I'm really enjoying Animal Crossing, too.

PONY STUFF: I'm looking for them to be in generally "good" condition, not too many flaws (or at least noticeable flaws). I know that gets harder as the ponies get older.
Acceptable flaws:Not acceptable flaws:
light wearpen, sharpie, or highlighter marks on head/body
surface dirthair cuts
writing on hoovesbite marks/holes
slightly rusty OK; I can cleansmooze//mold//cancer
messy/kinda frizzy hair I can work with, toomajor paint rubs
(cigarette/cigar) smoke

WISHLISTS: You can find my complete pony wishlist, here. Since it is my complete list, there WILL be ponies on there that are above the price limit of the swap. Please ignore these ones. As you can see my wishlists for G1 + G3 are getting very small, so I understand that it'll be hard to find ones that fit under the price limits.

A shorter (somewhat) has been added here. I've narrowed it down a little, but I'm still not 100% on some of the G3 and G4 market prices, so, again... if a pony listed here is over the price limit, please ignore them. I've also included the Basic Fun ponies that I'm looking for, to make searching for ponies a little easier (I know some on my wishlist are really hard to find, now. x.x; ). For the Basic Fun ponies, I'd like them MIB, please.

If things are hard to find, other options could be the MLP Funko POPs, vinyl figures. I don't really have any of those, so anything should be good. No particular preference. Also, any of the MLP Crossover ponies would be neat (I have the Optimus Prime pony one) - I'm especially interested in the Lite Brite pony.
G1 & G3:
G1 + G3 wishlist.png

G4 wishlist 1.png

G4 wishlist 2.png

Basic Fun repros:
Basic Fun wishlist.png
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Sep 7, 2008
that is my full wishlist

G1 ponies:
Hula Hula
sea breeze
baby Salty

G1 Repros
35th confetti
35th surprise
35th Trickles
35th Medley
35th Starflower

Twilight pink
misty blue
Daisy Pasisley
I also have some G3 holiday babies on my wishlist though they probably are harder to find.

im not a mint in box collect persay unless its the 35th ponies.

i like deer,gingerbread men,I love unicorns and pegasus of course. I like cute christmas items
I dont have any allergies food ect that I know of

Im not very picky on ponies, I accept ponies with little haircuts, marks on bottom of hoofs, ingrain dirt, pin dot mold, things are not hard to fix to me.

I dont accept, pony cancer if it has just 1 spot, perminate ink marks, missing limbs, or mold.


Flat Foot Peachy
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Jun 10, 2020
I have not done a wish list officially on the site yet, so I am just going to list stuff I like or want. I may edit as I think of things......
First of all I am not a picky person, I am pretty happy and grateful with almost anything.
Food / Candy:
My husband and I try to stay carb free to very low carb (but that is not to say that we don't indulge ourselves now and then)
I don't have any allergies to any foods that I have found
I HATE banana or watermelon flavors and do not like black licorice.
Flavors that I LOVE are coconut, lime, lemon, pina colada….....
I like Hershey milk chocolate items, not very fond of dark chocolate.
I prefer gummy candies (there used to be a laffy taffy called "Cherry Garcia" but I can't find it anywhere here) and sour flavors.
I love peanut butter too if there is something unique in your area I would love to try it
Flavored bags of ground coffee to enjoy in the mornings
I have MLP currently as my hobby. I am a sucker for a sad pony so I have accumulated in the last few months a pile of ponies that need some TLC. I have made a "pony bag" that I keep all of my new products and tools that I use on them when I have time. I want to get into rehairing.
I collect skulls!! I usually keep those out through the whole year.
I like to bake when I have time and energy, especially in the holiday seasons.
I collect Hallmark ornaments (but usually get the ones I like so its hard to list those out).
I am missing however and on the hunt for a Keepsake Moondancer ornament from 2017 but she is extremely expensive now she will be a grail ornaments
I collect "The Nightmare Before Christmas" items, especially ornaments.
As a family, we are into Star Wars (my son loves all dark side), the Mandalorian, The Friendship is Magic series, baking competition shows, rock music (the Beatles, Metallica, Guns and Roses, most EMO music, and most 90's grunge music), Harry Potter and so much more
Me and my hubby enjoy our coffee time in the morning before we start our crazy days.
Now the good part: PONIES
I prefer G1: (I am totally out of the loop on G2-G3 and just recently started watching the show for G4)
I love Firefly - she's my favorite pony. I have her original release and baby Firefly, as well as the Hallmark ornament, & the Mini Firefly and Illustrated Book set - I would love other releases of her.
Firefly's Adventure
Dolly Mix G! 2010 Firefly
The Smallest MLP set with her in it would be great too.
I want to collect all SS ponies (both flocked & deflocked) Flocking can have some damage because I can deflock.
(From my childhood collection, I have Hippity-Hop, Magic Star, Shady & Truly) I really want Paradise, Twilight, Twist, Scrumptious, & Skippity Doo
I also want to collect the Twinkle Eyes, they are just so beautiful:
(from my childhood collection I have Masquerade & Fizzy) I have recently gathered Tic Tac Toe*, Whizzer, Speedy*, Sweet Stuff*, Sweet Pop*. I would love to have Gingerbread, Quackers, Bright Eyes, & Locket.
I would like to have more sparkle ponies. Especially Twinkler (Doesn't have to be mail order, I like both) I have Sky Rocket & Star Dancer.
I of course want all of the Big Brother ponies so need:
4 Speed
There are a ton of ponies I never got when I was a child that I would love to have in my collection:
Minty (FF or CC)
Medley (@Skybreeze has one that I am in love with)
Baby Cotton Candy
Baby Moondancer
I like to have my ponies out of the packages so I can touch them and play with them. MIB is not important to me.
I love purple ponies and yellow ponies.
My son really LOVES G4 Applejack so any variation of that would tickle him (especially the seapony version) he is working on an army he told me.
Acceptable Flaws:
I appreciate a rescue pony
I don't mind dirt or stickiness, I am good at cleaning them
Marks on the bottom of the hooves is ok
Some tail rust is ok, I have found ways to clean that too.
I can bring back most dry/frizzy hair if not too bad
Faded hair is ok.
Small scuffs on symbols is ok
Not Acceptable Flaws:
Chew marks
Missing limbs
Marker or highlighter marks on the exposed body
Hair cuts (especially mane)
Smells especially smoke or worse (eww) I love the way my ponies smell and have had a hard time putting "stranger ponies" with them if they smell different.
Need both Barnacle & Steamers hats and bandannas.
Somehow I have miss-placed the throne and one yellow horseshoe from my dream castle set.
I am also missing a couple of Bushwoolies with my princesses:
Wishful and Eager


BBE Pony
Jul 4, 2019
Acceptable Flaws
I am okay with things like small rub marks but I tend to be more picky with the G-3 ponies. Pen marks under hooves are okay. It does not have to be perfect but I generally collect ponies that are in display or excellent condition.
Non Acceptable Flaws
I really do not like haircuts, pen marks in obvious places, and major symbol damage.
MLP G-3 Ponies
(I would prefer the winter themed ponies with their scarfs, hat, etc. if possible)
Chilly Breezes*
Marshmallow Coco
Candy Cane
Toboggan *
Wysteria Plush
Serendipity #2 (shy pose)
Blue Mist
Fairy Dust
Jazz Matazz
Chocolate Chipper
Cupcake (shy pose)
Fluttershy (walking pose)
Magic Marigold #2
Twinkle Twirl #2
G-1 Retro Posey
:snowflake: Fun Extras :snowflake:
Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love snowmen so anything snowmen themed would be welcome! More ideas for fun extras would be things like fuzzy socks, tea, mugs, stickers, and scented things with a cedar/pine/tree/minty/sugar/caramel, etc. scent are nice. I love the winter and woodsy (I think that would be the word to describe it?) themes of Christmas. Plaid, candy cane, and blue/white are some of my favorite Christmas colors. I do not have any food allergies, but I do not like black licorice. If you are feeling crafty, I love handmade things as well! That is all that I can think of right now. Happy shopping everyone! :)


Flat Foot Peachy
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Aug 16, 2014
Pony wish list:

G1 Ponies:
Flat foot Minty
Flat foot Snuzzle
So soft Ribbon
So soft Skippety Doo
So soft Taffy
TWE Sweet Pop
Dainty Dahlia
Daisy sweat
Sea Flower
So soft Sundance
TWE Whizzer
Sweet Lily
Blueberry Baskets
Any G1 sea ponies
December Poinsettia
June Blossom
June Rose
November Chrysanthemum

Basic Fun Bow tie

G1 Accessories
Barrettes for sundae best ponies need Swirly Whirly, Crunch Berry
Candy cane ponies ~ any
Lollipop brushes pink
Pink Clam Shell

Other G1 things
Stickles - any
G1 Fact file

Hallmark Christmas Ornaments
My Little Pony Firefly 2018
My Little Pony Seashell 2019
G1 Puffy Stickers
Sky dancer
Any baby pony except glory and Tiddlywinks
Any sea pony

Pony Condition Preferences: I prefer ponies without cancer, major pen marks and major hair cuts. I hate regrind but a little is acceptable for harder to find ponies! I don't mind some imperfections as long as the symbol and eyes are good, small rubs are ok. Small hair trims and marks to bottom of feet are ok too

Extra info:
My favourite colours are pink and blue. For christmas I like the classic christmas colours such as red, gold, green. I also like the blue/ silver combo!

My favourite scents are fall and winter scents such as cinnamon, spice, cranberry. I like liquid soaps, shower gels, body lotion~ Christmas themed would be extra fun

I like any MLP G1 retro Merchandise and I also have a Lickety Split army and love all things ice cream themed

I am also a big fan of Peanuts ~ Snoopy in particular. I also love disney stuff. Favourite characters are Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie, Aristocats, Alice in Wonderland. I like stickers, stationary items such as pens, pencils, notepads, post its or fridge magnets, shopping bags. I love lip balms and I like homemade items and art.

I love Christmas!!!
I like cutie christmas things like snowmen, snowflakes, penguins, polar bears, reindeer and santa! I also like the grinch. I love Christmas tree ornaments, we are have 2 trees in the house

I have a 8 year old son so anything fun would be great

I also have a massive collection of Christmas socks which I love adding too (foot size -5UK, 7US)

Favourite animals: cats, owls and rabbits.

I like milk chocolate, white chocolate, marshmallow and gummy sweets and laffy taffy.

I also like savoury snacks especially cheese crunchy Cheetos

I like drinking coffee and hot cocoa especially topped with marshmallows!

Things to avoid: I am not so keen on floral scents

Anything flavoured Tea, coconut, marzipan, Turkish delight, peanut butter

I don't have any allergies
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Poet Rose
MLPTP Supporter
Oct 25, 2017
Larkspur’s Wish List:

My daughter and I are doing this together—and we’re both super-excited! Our wishes/likes/dislikes/etc. are below. We realize that some of the ponies are normally too expensive for a swap, but we have also lucked into some normally expensive ponies for cheap.

My Wish List (all G1s)
Stripes (Rainbow Curl)
Blueberry Baskets
Pink Dreams (flutter)
Lemon Treats
Baby Beach Ball
Straw and soda accessories for a Sippin’ Soda Pony (don’t need the pony; any of the sodas is fine)
Flaws: I’m fairly picky about my ponies, but I don’t expect perfection. No haircuts (minor trims I can live with), no frizz or really dry hair, no cancer, no large spots of regrind (tiny ones ok), no mildew, no highlighter marks (unless very small). Tail rust is okay if it isn’t horrific. Other marks (e.g., Sharpie) ok only if on bottoms of hooves. Small paint rubs ok, but no large parts missing. Eyes and symbols should be intact. Some fading okay, but no huge head/body mismatch. No bodily damage (bite marks, holes, etc.)

My Daughter’s Wish List (all G1s)
SS Cupcake
Cloud Puff (flutter)
Pillow Talk
Strawberry Surprise
Ember (from Ember’s Dream)
Baby Leaper
Raspberry Jam
Wind Drifter (flutter)
Mommy Berrytown
Baby Berrytown
Newborn Twins Dibbles and Nibbles
Unwanted flaws: I’m a little picky when it comes to pones, but if you find a more expensive pony on my list for cheap, then I’m fine with any flaws, except for major haircuts. Here are the general unwanted flaws: No major haircuts, no super frizzy hair/mats, no super dry hair, no regrind, no tail rust, no bite marks or other bodily damage, no sharpie markings (Initials, etc.) unless they’re very faded, no cancer, no huge head/body mismatch.

Other interests: Anything “kawaii”—cute! For example, YUKI figures, Tokidoki anything, Pusheen the Cat anything, Sanrio characters. We love cats, dogs, owls, seals, hens and chicks. Favorite colors: light pink, lavender, sky blue, aqua, purple, pastel colors in general. We like sparkly things, rainbow things

Food: We LOVE chocolate, especially dark chocolate (but NOT white chocolate). We like cookies in general, but we don’t much care for sugar cookies or butter cookies. Some favorite cookies: gingerbread, chocolate chip/chunk. Not really fans of fruitcake (LOL). I am unable to digest nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Nut butter is fine, though, and we enjoy marzipan. We love bread—both yeast raised and quick breads. I like coffee and we both like really good hot chocolate.
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MD Pony Meet Committee/Known pretzel fiend!
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Jun 7, 2005
Hi folks,

Been out of the collecting loop while I took care of my mom. But I am slowly getting back into the fandom again!


I just did an audit of my G1s and these are the ones I know I need right now:


Big Brother

Happy Tails:
Tall Tails

Magic Message:
Cloud Dreamer

Sunshine Ponies:
Sand Digger
Wave Runner

Dance N' Prance:
Tap Dancer

Princess Brush N' Grow:
Star Gleamer

Loving Family:
Mommy Bright Bouquet
Baby Bright Bouquet (US)

Fancy Pants babies:

Tropical Ponies:
Hula Hula

Rainbow Curl:

Baby Sparkle Ponies:
Baby Starflower

Glittery Sweetheart Sister: (earring can be broken or missing!)
Bright Night

Glow 'N Show:
Bright Glow

Sundazzle Ponies:

Teeny Tiny Twins:
Sniffles & Snookums


Windy Wisp

I have to go through my G3 list. I'm pretty sure she's the last pegasus I need, though :D

G1 Basic Fun Repos: (would prefer these MIB if possible)

Skydancer (unscented, please!)
Windy (unscented, please!)
Parasol (unscented, please!)
Sunlight (unscented, please!)


Heart Throb

Cherries Jubilee

World's Smallest:
Firefly/Minty combo

G1 Loyal Subjects:

G4: Not actively collecting.

Not a G3/G4 MIB collector, I can take a pony loose or MIB. :)

Acceptable flaws: Minor haircuts, minor damage to symbols.
Unacceptable flaws: pen marks, major hair cuts, major symbol damage, pony cancer

Things I'm interested in:

My main hobby for the last 10+ years has been knitting, mainly because it was an easy hobby to take with me on my commute to/from work. I knit shawls, cowls, and I'm working on my first hat. I want to learn to crochet so I can do the amigurumi animals. So darn cute!
The local yarn stores know me well, and know all they have to do is dangle a skein of yarn in front of me and they have my attention. :p I do not expect anyone to get me yarn. I have plenty! :)

If that doesn't help, I'm generally a sucker for anything with pretty colors. ESPECIALLY pastels.

I watch anime, and am about to finish the original InuYasha series and finished Fairy Tail while on lockdown. I read manga, but as my bookcase is uh...overflowing, I don't have any more room for books!

Holiday-wise: Bring on the corporate holidays! I love colored lights, I love wreaths, I love snow, I love lighted reindeer, I love blow-up Santas in the yard, you get the idea. Anything holiday and cutesy and you have my attention. :)

Food and snacks:

No allergies. I LOVE GINGERBREAD. (the food, not the mod! Although I love her too! :) ) I love milk chocolate, gummy bears, coconut and peanut butter flavors. I love hot chocolate, especially with peppermint added in. I do drink tea, English and Irish Breakfast Tea and Lady Earl Grey.

Dislike: white chocolate, and marzipan. I can't have anything too chewy due to my TMJ (jaw hinge issues), so things like gum and Laffy Taffy are sadly off the list.

Non-food: Ornaments, general Christmas stuff. My favorite holiday movie is A Christmas Story. I LOVE things scented like sugar cookies, and apples. I can't get enough. :)

Please avoid: Pine-scented items. They make me nauseous.

Anything else?
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Jan 3, 2006

I'm not too picky, no major hair cuts, or really bad marks, not a fan of pindot mold, no chewed on or missing limbs! But little flaws or marks and such don't bother me. I know I said the swap had to include a pony but I made the rules and I can change them LOL Since I only need harder to find ponies I am totally, 100% fine if you want to get me accessories instead of a pony. I love accessories just as much and I'm completely fine with just accessories since I know the ponies I have left are a bit pricer!

I like cooking/baking and decorating for the holidays. I decorate every room in the house. I'm not very religious so my decorations are more like Santa, reindeer, snowmen...I'm particularly drawn to baking themed Christmas decor and reindeer. I love Snoopy/Peanuts, Eeyore, Garfield and collect Charming Tails. I also like mice but not Mickey, nothing against good 'ol Mickey but I just like cute mice stuff. I like fun socks and jewelry, particularly earrings. I also love to get people's tried and true recipes!

None! I like milk chocolate, peanut butter, toffee and raspberry stuff most. I don't care for gummy candies. If you're international, I do love trying new things from different countries. Starbar and Violet Crumble are a couple of my foreign favorites!
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Aug 5, 2019
Wishlist (all G1)
-TE Sweet Stuff
-TE Rocket
-TE Whizzer
-HQG1C Artistry Girls (Prism, Whirl, Rhyme, Rhythm, Pizzaz, or Flow)
-HQG1C Berry Buttercream
-any original custom would be super cool too

Flaws: No major damage please, hair cuts are fine as long as they look good. Just general good shape is fine with me, no rubbed symbols, no regrind or cancer.

Likes: Love hot cocoa, tea, and cider. Never met a cookie I didn’t like. Not a fan of marshmallows (except in cocoa). I love trying new things so if you got a local favorite I’m down for tasting! No allergies. I like cats, reading, Supernatural, and Harry Potter. My general Christmas decor preference leans more toward generic winter themes (snowflakes, wreaths, pointsettas, angels).
Sorry if this seems kinda rushed and stilted, I just slid in under the wire. :blush: