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Jul 7, 2006
Updated 1/6/2012

Hi Everyone who's curious! This list is my way of keeping up with all of the ponies I want! If I'm looking to buy actively, I'd probably put up a small list in the "want to buy" section of the forum, but if you see something on my list here that you want to sell, feel free to PM me, I just might not have the funds at the time. And now on to the list!

I'm usually not picky about ponies that come into my collection, but if I'm buying or swapping, I tend to shy away from ponies with these flaws:
Major hair cuts (minor trims are OK), smoke smell (absolute no-no), bite marks, major/obvious pen/highlighter marks, excessive/obvious tail rust, excessively frizzy hair, and usually I am not a fan of body and head color differing, but it's alright sometimes.

Items in red are currently my most sought after! :)

Items in italics, small text are only upgrades, so I already have them, I just need a near mint version.


Year 3:
Whitecap (adult sea pony) + shell

Year 4:

Posey (So Soft)
Beachcomber (P 'n' Pearly baby sea pony)
Sea Shimmer (P 'n' Pearly baby sea pony)

Year 5:

Crumpet (So Soft)
Sniffles and Snookums
Baby Crumpet

Year 6:

TAF Yum Yum
Cutesaurus (Pony Friends)
Oakly (Pony Friends)

Year 7:

Red Roses (Perfume Puff)
Lavender Lace (Perfume Puff)
Moon Jumper (Windy Wing)
Star Hopper (Sparkle)
Caramel Crunch (Candy Cane)

Year 8:
Baby Princess Sparkle

Year 9:

Dazzleglow (Glow 'n' Show- Blue hearts version most-wanted)
Starglow (Glow 'n' Show)
Baby Brightbow (Baby Rainbow)
Baby Softsteps

Year 10:

Lovebeam (Colorswirl)

Mail Order/Specialty:

Sprinkles (lavender- the one with the good, thick, curly hair! Not the playset version.)
So Soft Satin 'n' Lace
Baby Sugarberry
CP Blue Belle
Lavender Ember
Blue Ember


MOC: any one of the Years 2-4 unicorns (Powder/Sparkler/Moondancer/Glory/Twilight)

International G1s (Pipe Dreams):

Baby Honeycomb
UK Baby Bowtie
Night Light
Clover (7 Tales)
Patch (7 Tales)
Bright Eyes (7 Tales)
Argentina Twilight (hollow green stars)
Dutch Shell
South African Bubbles

G1 Accessories/Merch:

Original ribbons
Stacking toy (for babies)
**Repro Flutter wings**
Molly's socks and shoes

Pony Wear:

Pony Royal
Hearts and Candy- just need necklace, shoes, and bonnet, thanks to drusilla! :)

Pony G1 Merchandise:

Cotton Candy cassette tape player
Sparkler record player
Firefly/Peachy nightlight
Sunbeam radio headphones (have the radio w/o headphones)
Firefly lightswitch plate
Moondancer clock


Long-haired Ivy (from the Parlor playset)
Waterlily (loose)
Lady Waterfall
Magic Diamond Glow
Magic Butterfly (the one with the dragon)

G2 Website

Celebration (2003):
Friendship Ball (2004) :
Finger Paints
Marshmallow Coco
Butterfly Island (2005):
Bay Breeze
Crystal Princess (2006 & 1/2 2007):
Birthflower October Calendula
Silver Rain
Bonus Castle ponies: Royal Beauty (Frog), Crowning Glory (Crown)
MIB Twilight Pink
25th Anniversary (1/2 2007 & 2008 ):
SLH Rainbow Bubbles
Core 7 (2008-2010):
2008 MLP Rhode Island Fair pony
Scootaloo (Make-up version with eyeshadow and swirls on forehead)
Newborn Cuties- Pinkie Pie in crawling pose My Little Pony Rereleases Encyclopedia
New Look G3.5 (2010):
Clear/glitter/irridescent Ponyville Mermaids (blindbags)
Scootaloo (Regular symbol with tinsel in hair)

G3 Rarity Stuff:
UK short-hair Rarity
Licensing Show (LS) Rarity
Mini Rarity lunchbox



Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Cheerilee School Pals set
Blind Bag Wave 1:
Glitter Twilight Sparkle (23)
Glitter Pinkie Pie (22)
Glitter Rainbow Dash (24)
Cherry Spices (17)
Firecracker Burst (21)
Blind Bag Wave 2:
Glittery Applejack
Glittery Fluttershy
Glittery Rarity
Blind Bag Wave 3:
Big MacIntosh
Glowy Pinkie Pie
Glowy Rarity
Glowy Twilight Sparkle
Blind Bag Wave 4:
Metallic Applejack
Metallic Rarity
Twilight Sky

Canada Walmart FiM zippered pencil case (as seen here: )

Stuff for my Pony Room:

Extendable Piers
Framed photos of ponies and other 80s toys
2012 MLP Calendar
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