Thoughts on community art prompt threads? (or something like that)


BBE Pony
MLPTP Supporter
Aug 29, 2013
Hi all,

So, I really enjoy the "draw together" threads that sometimes pop up on the Arena, because while I love making pony art, sometimes getting inspired all on your own can be hard :tongue: Those threads include some themes, maybe some color schemes, and a few ponies as a starting point for the repliers to create something. I was wondering if there would ever be any interest in threads of that nature posted here on the Trading Post?

I just really like the idea of an art prompt that multiple artists on here can reply to in their own ways. It doesn't have to be the same format as the "draw together" posts either (although I'm blanking on other ways to structure a community art prompt post right now, lol). Idk, let me know your thoughts! :satisfied:

Here are a couple examples of these types of threads.


80s Glam Rock Pony
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Oct 18, 2017
I’d be more than happy to accommodate something like this here. I’m just not sure how much participation we would get here.

We sadly don’t have the same amount of active members here as there is on the arena.

But if it’s something everyone would be interested in doing I’m more than happy to host. (Who know maybe it would get my creative juices going again.)


Flat Foot Peachy
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Jun 10, 2020
I doubt I would have anything to offer but I enjoy seeing the artwork from others, plus like you said it may be inspiration to try it!!