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MLPTP EVENT ~*~ MLPTP Spring Swap 2022 ~*~ That's a wrap!

I got a couple things so far, waiting on a pony. I hope my partner likes everything!!!
Got a couple of things for my partner! May need to order some more “pony” stuff though! Couldn’t find what I need lol
well, currently waiting on amazon items to ship, 2 things from etsy & an ebay order... i know it's only been 2 days since i placed these orders but i'm anxious!! lol
I got the main part of my partners gift, I hope you like it - I tried hard

I searched so much at the meet and just couldn’t find what I needed so I ordered something just now :)
Teaser! (Minus one for reasons) here’s hoping the bright colors and ribbons distract from my multitude of wrapping mistakes. Still need a card and maybe some more bows. And a box! I bought a pretty mailing box from Hobby Lobby but the wrapped gifts turned out bigger than expected… :Flutter:
i'd post a teaser, but i feel literally anything would give away who my partner is, LOL. i've got a good amount of stuff now. still waiting on pony, and amazon stuff. amazon's been feeling less reliable lately but i'm praying what i bought ships soon here :sleepy: said it'd arrive on the 17th
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My big stuff is coming in the mail :) gotta go pick up the extra goodies this weekend ♥
now that i've actually got the wrapping paper i needed, i have 3 things wrapped & will continue later :) i'm so happy with how my swap presentation is looking so far. (except wrapping irregularly shaped items is gonna be the death of me)
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:flutter2: Swap Checklist Time! :cc:

- Have you included at least one MLP item from your partner's wish list, in the condition they asked for?
- Have you adhered to your partner's wish list to the very best of your ability?
- Have you spent at LEAST the minimum required for your swap tier? Remember, shipping to/from you for anything does not count!
- Have you asked a pony friend if you need help shopping?
- Have you ordered or gathered everything for your box in plenty of time for the shipping deadline?
- Do you have what you need to wrap your items, including packing material like bubble wrap or packing peanuts, and a sturdy box to mail them in?
- If you washed your ponies or items, did you leave PLENTY of time for them to be COMPLETELY dry before mailing out?

<3 If you answered "Yes" to all of the above questions, congratulations! You're on your way to a GREAT swap experience! <3
Gonna head to the store today after work and pick up the last few things then im ready to go ;)