MLPTP EVENT Secret Santa wishlists 2019


Festive FelizNavidad Pony
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Jan 3, 2006
Make your list and check it twice! Lots of options for your Secret Santa is nice! :santa:
Be sure to also include ideas and allergies for any extras.
Keep in mind this is a Christmas themed swap so let your partner know what things you like or do to celebrate the holiday


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Dec 26, 2015
Winter is a great time of year. I love the silence of snow and the way it glitters in the sun. We get more rain here, so I enjoy the sound of raindrops pouring down and the smell of lush fertile soil. My favorite activities are curling up under a warm blanket to read a book, snuggling my girl and my pup, or crocheting a new heavy blanket.
Our favorite things to do during the holidays is to find pretty new ornaments for our tree, bake and decorate, play with our pup, and my daughter just loves hot chocolate with marshmallows. I love the greenery, giving gifts, and (my favorite) getting chocolate oranges.
All our allergies, likes/dislikes, and the condition of ponies is all on our wishlist right here. Please just disregard any ponies that are above the price bracket. ;)
I'll be sure that it is updated an accurate. It also has links to our Amazon wishlists for more ideas.
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Little Pretty Kitty
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Aug 5, 2011
For the holidays I love to decorate my house and spend time with my friends and family. I also enjoy eating too many snacks and watching favorite old movies. Nothing beats being curled up with a cup of cocoa for me!

Wish list (G1):
Baby Northstar (first tooth)
NBBE Baby Half Note
Ember (Pink)

Wishlist (G4-4.5)
Cutie Mark Crew Derpy from the Beach Day line
Sparkling Princess Luna (fashion style size, about $12 at Target)
Equestria Girls Fashion Squad Rarity (mini doll)
Equestria Girls Friendship Power Doll (any)
Baby Mane 6 Set

I also love customs!!!

Flaws that are OK:
slight smells, marks on bottoms of hooves, some dirt, small marks/ scuffs that aren't in the eyes or on the cutie mark, slight haircuts (not a buzzcut), slight tail rust, I'm pretty easy going.

Flaws that are not OK:
Cancer, any kind of mold, intense odors, anything that looks like it needs to be gutted and cleaned.

Other things my partner should know:
I have diabetes, so no big sugary sweets please! Sugar free is fine (no grape or coffee flavors), I also like chips and pretzels and stuff like that. Or sugar free gum even.
My favorite ponies are Rarity and Derpy.
My favorite color is pink, but I love pastel colors too.
I love cats, possums, octopi, corgis and squids.
I also like Pokemon, Attack On Titan, Hello Kitty, Moomins, Porgs, Furbies, Monster High, Barbie, space stuff, science, magic, and blind bag toys.


So Soft Pony, So hard to clean
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Sep 24, 2012
CHRISTMAS STUFF: I looooove Christmas! :D Almost everything Christmas! XD I love snowflakes, reindeer, Santa, snowmen, Christmas trees, cute ornaments, penguins + polar bears... (and cute cats/kittens, too. :3) Pretty much anything Christmas-y. ^___^ For treats, I have no allergies. I love sugar candy and plain milk chocolate, but I don't like nuts in my chocolate, nor peanut butter. I'm not fond of licorice, either. I like baking sugar cookies, so I'd love some cute Christmas cookie cutters. I'd also enjoy cute Christmas socks (I'm about a size 7-8 ladies (I think)). For scents, if you're thinking of anything like candles or body wash/soaps/etc, I like fruity smells and especially pine & cedar scents.

FANDOM STUFF: I love Disney, especially the Disney ducks (Donald, Scrooge, Ducktales & Darkwing Duck). I also like One Piece (Sanji + Zoro faves), Transformers G1 (Autobots forever!), Zelda series, Mario series, Star Trek, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Final Fantasies 6 & 7, Chrono Trigger/Cross... stop me or else I'll go on forever. XD I collect pins, mostly Disney & Olympic pins (but really anything goes!). I also like fandom embroidered patches (iron-or-sew on - I put them on my luggage!)

PONY STUFF: I'm looking for them to be in generally "good" condition, not too many flaws (or at least noticeable flaws). I know that gets harder as the ponies get older.
Acceptable flaws:Not acceptable flaws:
light wearpen, sharpie, or highlighter marks on head/body
surface dirthair cuts
writing on hoovesbite marks/holes
slightly rusty OK; I can cleansmooze//mold//cancer
messy/kinda frizzy hair I can work with, toomajor paint rubs
(cigarette/cigar) smoke
WISHLISTS: Please check out my complete pony wishlist, here. Since it is my complete list, there WILL be ponies on there that are above the price limit of the swap. Please ignore these ones. As you can see my wishlists for G1 + G3 are getting very small, so I understand that it'll be hard to find ones that fit under the price limits. If things are hard to find, I don't mind any of the boxed Basic Fun 30th anniversary retro ponies. I have the 25th anniversary release of the original 6 collector's pose ponies... but any of the others would be welcome. Another option could be the MLP Funko POPs, vinyl figures, blind bags, or blind box figurines. I don't really have any of those, so anything should be good. No particular preference.
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Ctarl-ctarl Outlaw Pony
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Jan 18, 2006
General pony wishlist here:

Updated for flaws & stuff 'cause apparently I'm going senile:

G1's- Small rubs, marks, etc are ok. Ponies with great bodies but bad hair; I don't mind rehairs as long as it's in the original color & style. I don't mind ponies thst have had restoration work as long as it looks pretty close to factory. If the pony is on the pricey side I'm a little more lenient on that stuff.

G3's- preferred MIP or mint with accessories. I hate trying to color match the 50 different shades of pink brushes. >_<
Just ignore anything over the limit. ;) I also adore seasonal customs if you're of the mind to do one; I usually pull all my customs out & do a little display for the holiday.

I live in the great white north; so we always have plenty of snow around the holidays. I love how the fresh snow glitters on the trees.

Christmasy stuff: My winter/ Christmas stuff tends to lean toward natural themes: lots if fuzzy woodland creatures, pinecones, flannel/checked patterns. Though there are a couple of unicorns thrown in. I love getting new ornaments for my tree; and there's nothing better than curling up under a fuzzy blanket with a cup of cocoa & a book or crochet project. Not a big fan of Santa; nothing against the fat man but I just find him a little creepy.

Sweet treats: my only non-likes are black licorice & coffee. I'm a sucker for fancy cocoa; & any chocolate with nuts or carmel. Also; homemade Christmas cookies/snacks are devine! I have no allergies so no worries there.
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Flat Foot Peachy
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Aug 16, 2014
Pony wish list:

G1 Ponies:
So soft Ribbon
So soft Skippety Doo
TWE Sweet Pop
Confetti (US version)
Dainty Dahlia
Sweet Lily
Sea Flower

35th Anniversary Pony Twilight, Glory, Moondancer

G3 Ponies
December Poinsettia

Pony Condition Preferences: I prefer ponies without cancer, major pen marks and major hair cuts. I hate regrind but a little is acceptable for harder to find ponies! I don't mind some imperfections as long as the symbol and eyes are good, small rubs are ok. Small hair trims and marks to bottom of feet are ok too

Extra info:
My favourite colours are pink and blue. For christmas I like the classic christmas colours such as red, gold, green. I also like the blue/ silver combo!

My favourite scents are fall and winter scents such as cinnamon, spice, cranberry. I like liquid soaps, shower gels, body lotion

I like any MLP G1 retro Merchandise and I also have a Lickety Split army and love all things ice cream themed

I am also a big fan of Peanuts ~ Snoopy in particular. I also love disney stuff. Favourite characters are Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie, Aristocats, Alice in Wonderland. I like stickers, stationary items such as pens, pencils, notepads, post its or fridge magnets, shopping bags. I love lip balms and I like homemade items and art.

I love Christmas!!!
I like cutie christmas things like snowmen, snowflakes, penguins, reindeer and santa! I also like the grinch. I love Christmas tree ornaments, we are having 2 trees in the house this year!
I have a 7 year old son so anything fun would be great

Favourite animals: cats, owls and rabbits.

I like milk chocolate, white chocolate, marshmallow and gummy sweets and laffy taffy.

I also like savoury snacks especially cheese crunchy Cheetos

I like drinking coffee and hot cocoa especially topped with marshmallows!

Things to avoid: I am not so keen on floral scents
Anything flavoured Tea, coconut, marzipan, Turkish delight, peanut butter

I don't have any allergies


Festive FelizNavidad Pony
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Jan 3, 2006

I'm not too picky, no major hair cuts, or really bad marks, no chewed on or missing limbs LOL! But little flaws or marks and such don't bother me. I know I said the swap had to include a pony but I made the rules and I can change them LOL Since I only need international ponies I am totally, 100% fine if you want to get me accessories instead of a pony. I love accessories just as much and I had to play in level 1 to work out the swap so I'm completely fine with just accessories since I know the ponies I have left are a bit pricer!

I like cooking/baking and decorating for the holidays. I decorate every room in the house. I'm not very religious so my decorations are more like Santa, reindeer, snowmen... I love Snoopy/Peanuts, Eeyore, Garfield and collect Charming Tails. I also collect gnomes and I like mice but not Mickey, nothing against good 'ol Mickey but I just like cute mice stuff. I like fun socks and jewelry, particularly earrings. If you're a good cook I also love to get people's tried and true recipes!

None! I like milk chocolate, peanut butter and toffee most. I don't care for gummy candies. If you're international, I do love trying new things from different countries.
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80s Glam Rock Pony
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Oct 18, 2017
You can view my wish list here.

Acceptable Flaws: Anything that is easily fixable (for G1). G4 I prefer mib or in euc.

Unacceptable Flaws: Please no drastic hair cuts, cancer, non-fixable marks (marker/highlighter/etc), no chew/bites/holes/missing appendages, no weird smells (smoke/mold/cat pee)... basically if it’s not an “easy fix” to display I’d say pass on it.

Food Things: I love chocolate, specifically milk and white. I also enjoy gummies and Oreos (anything with Oreo in it) of all flavours. I have no food allergies so no troubles there. I love a yummy nutty or fruit tea this time of year.
I do not like mint flavoured chocolates/candies, cream eggs, black licorice.

Christmas likes: I like fun cute things. Stuff like cute dog (Pug or Shih Tzu is a plus) themed stuff always catches my eye. I love Disney, pony and owl ornaments for the tree. Christmas socks (I prefer thin ankle over thick and long) are always good. My favourite Christmas scent is anything woodsy or with crainberries (I love dried cranberries because I’m strange).

Other Interests: I also am a Disney lover of all sorts, but I love Stitch. I love anything Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts! I also love the new She-Ra line of dolls, specifically Glimmer and Catra, Auora and Bow are cool too but the other two are my favourites. I also love Shih Tzu or Pug related things. Stationary things like notes books, pens, stickers, things I can use at work. Crafty things I can use for pony fixing like new hair, acrylic paints, extra fine glitter, tinsel are all great things. Ummm basically I’m a bit of a nerd for all things animation and cute. Obviously I love any MLP merch. :p If you need more ideas I have a working Amazon list here.

My favourite ponies: Shady (G1), Lickety Split (G1), Surprise (G1), Wind Whistler (G1), Pinkie Pie (G4), Fluttershy (G4), Starlight Glimmer (G4), Sunburst (G1&4) & Spike is the best!!

Favourite Colours: Teal & Pink

Okay! I think that covers everything. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything. :)


Pied Piper of Ponies
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Jan 20, 2018
Acceptable flaws:
Not super picky, but prefer fixable ponies. No major unremovable marks, major hair cuts, weird smells.

Food stuff:
Not into a lot of sweets, but I’m a sucker for wine gums and Red liquorice. Dark chocolate with mint.

Other stuff:
I like She-Ra and need Bow, regular Swiftwind, Catra, Hordak, shadow Weaver, castaspella.

G1 Ponies still needed

Year 3
Seabreeze and shell
High Tide and shell
White Cap’s shell or repro
Wave Jumper and shell
Sea Mist and shell
Sand Dollar’s shell or repro
Sea Star
Sea Shimmer (pearly)

Year 4
Tiny Bubbles
Snowball puppy
All 6 McDonald’s Collector charms

Year 5
Friendly (blue) bushwoolie
Cheery (pink)
Wavy and float
SS Crumpet
Pillow Talk
Sleepy head
Sweet Dreams

Year 6
Coco Berry
All mommy charms
Princess Sunbeam
Newborn twins speckles,
Tall Tales
Watercolour sea ponies Foamy and float
Wave Dancers and float
Raspberry Jam
Cha Cha
Cat nip

Year 7
TAF Megan
Player (working and with accessories)
Tap Dancer
Sparkle pony Twinkler
Baby Stripes
Baby Nectar
Baby Lucky Leaf
Baby Leafy
Baby Pockets
Baby Hoppy

Year 8
Drink and wet Snookums
SHS Sweet Sundrop

Year 9
Secret Surprise Secret Star
Secret Beauty
Teeny Tiny Little tabby
Pink Princess pony

Year 10
Colourswirl Lovebeam
Sundazzle Sunbeam
Purple sweet talkin
Flower Fantasy sweet blossom
Fancy mermaid pearly
Sea princess
Sea Shimmer

Wigwam's headdress, and bandannas for Wigwam, 4 speed, Steamer and Quarterback

International Ponies needed

Activity Club Baby Ponies
UK babies, Lemon Drop, Gusty, Ribbon, heartthrob baby honeycomb
Tutti Frutti
Any Dragon that came with Princess ponies
Good Weather

All Sweet Kisses ponies

Non so soft Wind Whistler, Gusty, Shady, Magic Star, Buttons

Sea Ponies
Surf Dancer with Shell
Wave Breaker with Shell
Sea Spray with Shell

Playschool Baby Ponies
Schooltime Ponies

Starlight Baby Ponies (except Baby Mischief)

Flower ponies (except Daffodil)

7 Tales (except Clover)

Cookery Ponies

Good Weather

Romance Ponies Love Letter

Nurse Ponies

Rollerskate ponies with accessories

Hair do ponies except starlight

Berry Town family
Meadowsweet Family
Dad and mom Sunbright

Best Friend Ponies except baby Susie

Sweetie babies

Jewelry ponies

Seaside ponies except Splosh

35th Anniversary Firefly
35th Anniversary Moondancer
35th Anniversary Glory
35th Anniversary Twilight

G3 ponies most wanted
Dream Drifter
Finger Paints (need upgrade)
Jade Garden
Heart Bright
MLP Fair 2009 Peacock *
Royal Beauty
Silver Rain
Summer Shores
Wish I Might
All My Heart
Berries and Cream
Butter Pop
ComicCon 2007 Superhero *
MLP Fair 2008 Providence *
Midnight Dream *
Ribbon and heart
Silver lining
Wind Drifter
Daisy Paisley
Dibble Dabble
Lavender Lake
September Aster
Candy Apple
Daring Dehlia
Fancy Flora
Guava Lava
Morning Glory
Pretty Pop
Star Flower
Tropical Sunrise
Black Project Pony
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