Who's your favorite pony and why?


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Jul 24, 2006
So I hope no one's already done this. But I just wanted to start something a bit fun :D

List your three favorite ponies in order from least to greatest, OR you can list one fav from each generation! And why you like them too. It's not right to favorite ponies though, but who cares :p

This is gonna be hard. I love all of them.

Here's mine:

1. Twinkle Twirl! I love her symbol and her colors, and she was really funny in the movie.
2. Minty. Because she's just awesome, her voice is awesome and she collects socks. Her colors are really light and nice too.
3. Sweet Berry. I love her dark colors and her period. Plus she has strawberries as a symbol, who doesn't love those?

So many G1's I wanted to list. Oh well.

1) Pinkie Pie: She is so positively pink./Minty: I love her color/symbols and her laugh
2) Rarity: She is so much fun!
3) Starbeam: She is so beautiful

1) Dancing Butterflies: She is beautiful
2) Parasol: Love her hair and symbols
3) TAF Yum, YUM: So tasty! :)
Gusty... i love autumn themed ponies and, in the brasilian translation, Gusty was so smart and clever, the best pony in the cartoon ^^

Also Autumn Skye for the G3.
I have a hard time choosing favorites... and I definitely can't compare G1 to G3 head-on, as they're so unique.

1) Flower Bouquet, the merry-go-round pony. I name her as my favorite always because she was my *first* pony and I would be traumatized if anything happened to her.
2) Baby Starbow, basically the same reason as above. She wasn't my first by any means but she is among my first, and besides Flower Bouquet my favorite of my childhood five.
3) Firefly. I don't remember her real personality from the show, as I rarely got to watch it, but she seems like such a wonderfully fun personality. When I started collecting again this summer, she was the first I bought because I just adore her.

1) Silver Glow. Her colors just stun me, they're soft and beautiful and her symbol is elegant. I didn't like G3 pegasus until I saw her. Now I've de-tinseled mine and I love her even more!
2) Cherry Blossom. Mostly because I'm nuts for anything with cherry blossoms on it, and I think they really did an excellent job with her color scheme! The deep magenta is just beautiful.
3) Kimono. Again because of my love for all things Japanese, but also because of her unique deeper body color. Darker ponies are rare and I love them.
I'll list one favorite for each generation - I'd be here all night otherwise!

G1: Baby Brightbow. She's been my favorite since childhood. She's little, cute, and my favorite color.

G2: Princess Silverswirl. I've always liked the swirly silver designs - she's very unique. I've never really liked the G2 ponies, but I've had a fondness for her. I always dream of what she'd look like as a G3!

G3: This one is a tie. Minty and Super Pony. I have an army of Mintys. I love her colors and her symbol. One of my favorite pony items I own is my 3 foot Minty plush. She collects socks and so do I (much to my husband's dismay)! But the comic con Super Pony is one of the best ponies ever, IMO. SO creative, bright, and lively.
g1s:Dancing butterflies = a pegasus which is a TAF.
Mimic =rare and pretty.
And its umm.... Butterscotch= first 6 ponies.
g3s: Sunny daze=she is just like me exept for her birthday in august.
UK Royal beauty= UK exclusive and I have her.
Heart bright=flapping wings
Tangerine twinkle=Sparkles!
Well, three of my favorites (from my collection at least):

1. Hip-Hop- Because she's GREEN. O____O (Seriously Hasbro, more green please?)
2. Lulabelle- I really love her pink and aqua hair. Not even so much her symbol, just the hair and body color.
3. Merry Treat- One of my best friends as a child had her, and I always thought she was lovely. Plus, Christmas is awesome. :3
Lovestory, her colours are subtle and her symbol unlike any other.
Ice Crystal, his colours again and also because in my worldhe is married to Lovestory:tonguew:
My favourite G3 is Sunrise Song because she reminds me of one of my dearest pony friends.
I will list one pony per gen, but my 'favorite ponies lists' are subject to change (as always). :) In September 2007 my favorite ponies... ARE...:

G1: Sunbeam, 2nd year unicorn - because of her lovely color scheme and golden suns

G2: Teddy, 6th year earthpony - she's just plain adorable! (For those who don't know Teddy without her bearsuit: she's yellow, with blue and yellow hair and she has these adorable blue pawprint symbols.)

G3: Beach Belle, third year SLH pony, Menards-exclusive - I love her blue color and vibrant hair colors. She looks like a real tropical beauty with those white, delicate flowers on her side!
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G1: Moondancer

I have no idea why. She was my favorite as a kid and she's always had a special place in my heart. I think it's the mane color combo.

G2: none

G3: Crystal Crown

She looks so dainty and feminine and delicate it's like if I touch her she'll break. Like she's really made of crystal.
My favourite is always YoYo. Not sure why, maybe it'e because of her dainty litle wings and cute pose. Followed closely by Tappy because I think her colours go really well together and the pose os also cute.
My favourite G3 is Silver Rain. My favourite colour is blue, so her hair and shading look absolutely gorgeous and the ribbon on her leg is also quite cute.
Um lets see. For G3 i'd say Kimono, because she's the only G3 I own, she was a present from Lynn,

G1, PSparkle, the present from Lynn back when we were both like 5 years old.

Morninglory the flutter. I love all flutters really, but Morninglory's song in the movie really got to me as a kid, and it won my heart.
Hollywood, one because she's a flutter, and two, because if my boyfriend asks me to marry him my name will literally be Holly Wood.
And Salty, my favorite BB pony. Because he was my first. He was the hero of all my pony land adventures.

Honorable mentions:
North Star
Ooooh... Not sure if I could pick an honest top three, but I really love these ponies:

1. Cotton Candy: The pony who started it all for me. :D
2. Sunlight: A childhood favorite. I love her rainbow hair and symbol.
3. Swirly Whirly: She's yellow, she smells good, and she's in a CF-style pose. She's unique!

* None. I don't like or collect G2 ponies.

1. Butterscotch: I loooove her pretty symbol, colors, and pose.
2. Pumpkin Tart: Halloween is my favorite Holiday and this pony is cool!
3. Peachy Pie: I'm really drawn to her, although I can't say why...
1. mimic
2. dabble/scribbles
3. princess taffeta

all babies

1. 3 pony projects
2. anchors away
3. summer shores/ocean dreamer

man, i love all g3s....so hard to pick....
1) Gusty(of course) cos she's must like me! And i love her at the cartoons(tough little one)
2) Galaxy she's Magical!
3) Paradise, cos she speaks so nice and she's truly beautiful!

1)Rarity, she's the first Unicorn ;)
2)Rainbow Dash, she's a beauty
3)Wysteria, she's also a beauty!


Gusty, Glory, Moondancer, Moonstone......because they're unicorns ^_~
G1: *explodes* I cannot decide between Honeycomb or Seaflower. I think Honeycomb. I love her pose, her vibrant hair and her stark white body, and those simple, yet cuuuute glittery bees on her side.

G2: Hip Holly. I hope to own her someday, she rocks. She's see-through orange with vibrant orange hair, and orb-y orange and yellow disks in her (think glow 'n' show.) No one steal her from my future by bidding higher than me, k thanx.

G3: Rarity.... yeah, Rarity. You go, girl!

1. Twilight ~ I love unicorns, pink and purple and stars. She's just perfect imo. :)
2. Love Story ~ My fav colors and roses! 2die4!
3. Jenny ~ A brown pony! We need more of these!


1. Minty ~ She loves socks! What else can I say? :D
2. Star Catcher ~ Love those big wings.
3. Frisco and Trolley ~ What a great idea! I just love these two.